Marketing to the consumer needs to be done more tactfully than in the past. Consumers are flooded with content on a daily basis via social media and having smartphones glued to the hands. The days of writing a few clickbait articles and calling it a day in the marketing department are far gone. The need for higher quality content has grown immensely due to this factor. Even with this change many of the tactics in the marketing world still work the same just with a need for higher quality campaigns. Below are five ways to market to the consumer effectively.


The consumer always wants to feel like they got a great deal and it was them that decided to purchase a product rather than having being sold the product. Coupons are great in this way as the customer knows what they will be purchasing so they feel empowered. Often times a customer can be lost if they are not sure what they will be buying only to have a salesperson be a little too pushy. Coupons do not have to be in magazines but rather can be put on social media. Coupons given out at events like marathons can still yield great results especially if the company is relevant to the event. For a marathon a running shoe store handing out coupons could lead to a huge boost in sales.

Solving Pain Points

Solving the pain points of a consumer can be done through a good marketing campaign. A great example could be the consumer having issues with their cable company with hidden charges and yearly price hikes. A company like Netflix or other alternatives to cable can leverage their low prices and market in a few different ways. Saving $100 a month on a cable bill adds up to $1200 over the course of the year. Marketing in a way that shows what can be purchased with the savings can convince a consumer to make the switch. Providing easy solutions to the problem is also imperative as people tend to be resistant to change even if it saves them money. For this reason many streaming services offer a free first month so customers can try out the service to see if it is the right fit for them.

Educating The Consumer

Educating the consumer can make it much easier to work with the consumer when they become a client/customer. Uninformed customers can wreak havoc on the customer service department calling multiple times asking the same or similar questions. Create the company blog into a resource that customers can refer to if they have any questions about a product or service. Resources like these are linked back to on related publications which expands the reach of the content but also can help search engine rankings.

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

The consumer does research on companies that they are considering purchasing a product or service from. In today’s climate the company’s social initiatives are great things to do and the fact that they shed some good light on the company makes it a win-win situation. Talking about an environmentally friendly initiative has to be done with tact as throwing it up on every platform possible can look like it is being done for the exposure. Send this out in a newsletter to clients and publish something on the blog about how the team is growing from the initiative. Even something as simple as an email blast about the initiative can garner some good results. The best thing that can happen though is the press picking up on what the company is doing. This is free promotion and it could convince those in the area to switch to purchasing from the company that cares for its customers but also cares about their carbon footprint.

Humanizing The Staff With a “Meet The Team” Page

The staff at any company needs to be humanized to current and future clients. It becomes much more difficult to reprimand a person at a company if you have seen their face and read about what they enjoy doing. Building rapport is important and marketing the staff as the most valuable asset the company has is a wise decision. Even small quirky facts about the staff can be enough and many companies are even adding the company pet to this page. This can help a corporation look human rather than a large nameless faceless juggernaut of a company. Any staff that is going to have a lot of contact with customers need to be listed on this page.

Marketing has changed in the digital age but the above are tried and true methods that convert. Track each of these tactics if possible to see what delivers the highest ROI. What are some tactics that companies use in marketing that you have seen convert?