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Days have gone by since the coronavirus outbreak, and it seems like for the next few months we will have to deal through crucial adaptability to the current situation. It has disturbed not only the financial status of leading companies but has also led to economic disruption worldwide. Amidst a hundred other things, this situation has taken a toll on the former marketing strategies practiced regularly. Entrepreneurs need to act swiftly to minimize the impact of this pandemic. In order to do so each company needs to stay one step ahead by being mindful of the consequences and acting accordingly. Companies need to make an assessment of their annual budget and revenue to generate a positive income statement. From here on we will be discussing some of the leading strategies that can help people market their personal and business brands.

Firstly, it is important to establish what your target audience is, and the best means to gain their attention. One of the fastest ways to gain more visibility is through social media. Regardless of where you are in the world social media is easily accessible. In times when people have been made to stay at home more, its popularity has greatly increased. Marketing your brands on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. is really beneficial at this point and it’s very cost-effective. A survey was conducted in India that measured the increase in social media usage since the lockdown, and it showed there was an 87% increase as compared to the week before lockdown. Companies can benefit from this increase in usage of social media, as this will ensure increased exposure of the brand. This will help establish a rise in customers. Advertisements in any form will play an influential role at the moment. Advertising through television commercials has become popular these days, and it’s a great method to draw the public’s attention towards your purpose.

Secondly, it is vital that you do not lose the attention of your existing customers. This can be done through various different techniques. One important aspect is marketing automation. The use of personalized emails or text messages helps generate six times more revenue. A few examples of marketing automation are personalized product recommendations, reminders via email and gift cards. This method is coupled with low-cost input, and the software does the majority of the work, in turn, reducing the need for employees. Another technique to hold your existing customer base is to attract them through reduced sale prices whilst maintaining the level of quality. A few examples are launching minor sales, free deliveries, benefits, grand schemes, lucky draws, buy-one-get-one-free products. Customers maintain their loyalty when the quality of the product is not compromised despite the reduction in sale prices.

Thirdly, easy and hassle-free accessibility draws in customers faster. This can be done through the right digital marketing tools. One of the best ways to offer quicker and uncomplicated access is through a mobile app. A large proportion of the public owns smartphones. This ensures the businesses can directly communicate with their customers. It guarantees that you provide access 24/7 on a device that is constantly in their possession. This makes sure your business is on their mind through notifications. The company can generate revenue through in-app purchases, advertisements, and promotions. Apps generally provide loyalty programs for their customers and allow them to virtually keep a track on their personalized details for automated marketing, and hence providing a much better experience.

Whilst we’re still discussing digital marketing, it is extremely advisable to make sure the company has their own customized website. The website should hold a strong mission statement, be presentable, have excellent performance, good speed and provide reliability. A good web design attracts customers. Websites should include reviews from people and recommendations that the company has taken into consideration. It poses a positive image when a company takes effective feedback. It can be used to post positive stories about your business. The evolution of your business and a summary of your achievements on the website help prove authenticity.

Fourthly, the success of every business depends invariably on consumer satisfaction. When the consumers are pleased by the service provided they will convey a positive image to those around them. Positive word-of-mouth plays an important role in marketing your goods and services especially in times when people are staying connected via social networking. Another aspect is the positive reviews posted on various platforms. This may include everything from product reviews on Facebook to those on the company’s website. These reviews prove the legitimacy of your purpose as a company. One more technique that has proven to be efficient in marketing is carrying on live sessions with the general public. This allows direct contact with the consumers and gives you an opportunity to market your company vocally on a superior level.

Lastly, thriving through this pandemic is strenuous but you should not lose focus from your goals. It is important to stay connected with ways to make your company prosper. These are stressful times, and they require you to stay vigilant. It should be remembered that your health is a major component of your success. Don’t forget your aims and goals, and take each step cautiously in the right direction. Taking the right kind of strategy is going to ensure you stay protected from this economic downturn.

Consequently, carrying out research is a significant part of measuring your success. Test out your strategies initially and keep a check on your return on investment (ROI) to evaluate their effectiveness. Another valuable way to test out consumer feedback through primary research is via online questionnaires. Entrepreneurs must take a proactive approach to combat this unpredictable scenario. Some brands might even see a net positive impact as consumer behavior changes in response to this pandemic. The key is to deal with adjustability and adaptability until this situation passes.