We know beauty when we see it. We can’t get enough of it. It’s easy on the eyes, enticing and keeps you engaged.

The same goes for design. Good design, that is. Some of the best designs for online and print share not just beauty in common, but utility. Quality and substance amplifies its appeal. Design done right solves problems, sharpens a clear message, evokes emotion and looks damn beautiful while doing it.

As designers, directors, marketers and sales teams, good design isn’t a luxury; it’s vital to creating the results our clients need.

How good design helps marketing

A surefire tool for better marketing, design shouldn’t just sit pretty, it has to put skin in the game. Here’s a few ways good design drives better results:

Tempe Tourism WebsiteIt makes a memorable first impression, and lasting impression.

First impressions are huge for users, especially online. Once someone hits your website or sees your online ad, design is the first thing someone sees whether it’s conscious or not. And a good first impression goes a long way; it creates lasting
familiarity with a brand or product.

Good design builds trust.

Consumers can spot dishonesty a mile away. Good design acts as an unofficial stamp of authenticity for audiences, enabling them to trust before they act on your call to action.

It makes things easy to use.

So much of our problem solving as consultants has to do with usability. If you can’t navigate around a website or understand the goal and purpose of a product, chances are you’ll disengage and move on to something with a quicker 1-2 punch.

Design solidifies a brand story.AZL_StarLogo_4C-2

Everyone has a story. Brands are no different. Good design provides consistency to a brand’s personality, traits, tone and style. More than looks, design is the recognizable face to the personhood of a brand. Arizona Lottery‘s new logo is a great example of design that is consistent to a brand’s identity.

Finding the sweet spot of creative and results is where great things happen, remembering that they key to brand and marketing success is arming our clients with quality design that delivers.

Let’s strive to make things with beauty, and brains.