The constant evolution of digital marketing, introduction of AI and new technologies along with always growing consumer expectations for highly personalized customer experiences create new career opportunities for marketers every day. As a result, CMOs who want to be at the forefront of innovation and succeed in the age of elevated customer experiences must hire top marketers with cutting-edge skill sets.

So, what are the jobs and skills that you should pay attention to as a marketer in the near future? As a digital marketing talent agency, we predict 5 roles to be the most sought-after marketing jobs among employers in 2020.

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2020?

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Top Digital Marketing Talent Agency’s Predicts the Hottest Digital Jobs in 2020

Don’t let the speed of digital marketing change outpace your ability to adapt, expand your skills, and propel your career forward! Learn the skills needed to become an A-level marketer in 2020.

1. Director of Growth Marketing

Growth marketers, unlike growth hackers, combine the skills of T-shape marketers, engineers, and product managers in one role. CEOs will continue to invest in growth marketers who are data-driven and can identify opportunity gaps for significant ROI increase.

Top Skills

  • Demand Generation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Data and analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Content/brand storytelling
  • Social media / PR
  • SEO
  • Executional skills (like A/B testing, HTML/CSS, and more)

2. Marketing Data Scientist

Demand for data scientists will rise as businesses continue leveraging digital data and AI to prove ROI. By 2020, data scientists will disrupt the world of marketing serving as a key to enhancing critical areas of digital like SEO, real-time marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

Top Skills

  • Strong internet marketing data analysis skills
  • Scripting languages
  • Statistical or machine learning-based predictive modeling
  • Strong Communication Skills

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3. Chief Experience Officer

CXOs are steadily becoming more important in today’s digital era because of the shift in customer experiences. By 2020, customer experience is expected to be the brand differentiator over price and product. CEOs need CXOs to aid in aligning their resources and optimizing customer experiences that drive sales and consistent growth.

Top Skills

  • Corporate leadership in customer experience
  • Customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction campaigns design and execution
  • Intellectual property positioning and protection
  • Building and managing customer experience teams

4. President of Brands

Similar to CXO, President of Brands is on the rise as the new face of the Chief Marketing Officer. People want to connect with businesses on a deeper, more personal level. President of Brands needs to build the consumer connection with products or services at various touchpoints by driving innovative brand messaging, positive brand perception and create an army of loyal brand followers.

Top Skills

  • Expert storyteller
  • Deep understanding of customer personas and their needs
  • Strategic creativity
  • Strong communication
  • Strong leadership skills

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5. Machine Learning Engineer

As more businesses adopt AI technology, the need for highly skilled talent to get the most out of it will be soaring in 2020.

Top Skills

  • Computer science fundamentals and programming
  • Probability and statistics
  • Data modeling and evaluation
  • Applying machine learning algorithms and libraries
  • Software engineering and system design

Final Words

The shortage of cutting-edge marketing talent has never been higher, and the demand for high-caliber marketers will continue growing in 2020. Investing time and resources into your skill set development will yield many benefits and open countless career growth opportunities in the future regardless of your background. As an experienced digital marketing talent agency, we can confidently say that becoming a life-long learner is the most important skill to master for all digital marketers, no matter their experience and seniority level.

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