Black Friday is around the corner. This day is regarded as the biggest retail sales day in the US that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

And like every year, this year too, people all over the country are eagerly waiting for marketers to set their deals and coupons live for their customers.

Traditionally, this was a big day for retailers who would open their shops as early as 5 am and offer great discounts on everything available in their stores. The idea was to kick start the festive shopping seasons when people would buy decorative items and gift products of all sorts to begin the celebrations.

But in recent times, with the rise of the internet, this shopping frenzy has shifted online. And marketers in the eCommerce world are rightly taking advantage of this day to drive more traffic to their online stores and boost their sales.

However, with so many eCommerce platforms coming up every day, the competition in this field is cutthroat. So if you really want to win the game, you should be prepared with a proper marketing strategy that works without fail.

Here are a few great tips that you might want to try out.

1. Create a Year-Long BF Deals Landing Page

People start looking for the Black Friday (BF) Deals way before the actual day of the deal. So if you really want to boost your sales, you need to appear on their search results.

A good way of doing that is to create a landing page with all your Black Friday deals and keep it active throughout the year.

You might be wondering why can’t you keep this page active only during the Black Friday sale. The reason is simple. Keeping it active on your website throughout the year will improve your SEO and help you appear in top search results. When that happens, people will easily find you online to make a purchase.

But simply creating a landing page won’t help. You need to know how to design a highly converting landing page too.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating urgency is a very powerful marketing tool. It helps create FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out and encourages people to take quick action. FOMO is a psychological phenomenon triggered by the thought that others are enjoying something in their absence.

So they try to get hold of the opportunity before it runs out. There are several ways of creating urgency. You can do it by:

  • Running a limited period sale and then adding a countdown timer to show that the deal is ending soon.
  • Using phrases like “biggest sale of the year” or “best prices of the season” to encourage people to grab the opportunity before it’s too late.
  • Display real-time sales on your website to show that the stock is running out.

Products like TrustPulse can help you create urgency on your website with just a few clicks.

3. Offer Your Shoppers a Free Gift

People love gifts. And one of the ways to boost your sales is to offer a gift with each purchase. If you think that’ll cost you too much, you can offer the gifts if the buyer shops for a certain amount.

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Your gifts don’t have to be anything super expensive. You can offer a lunch box if your visitor buys a school bag from you. Or if you’re selling apparels, you can offer a pair of earrings with a dress, etc.

To make this idea work best, let people know about the deal before the sale starts. You can do that by announcing it on your social media profiles or through your email newsletters. When people know about it already, they will automatically flock to your site in the hope of getting the gift.

4. Bundle Items Together

Another killer idea to boost your Black Friday sales is to bundle different items together. Most marketers usually have more than one product to sell. So why not bundle two or more products together and show the value that it has to offer?

Bundling products together has several advantages. The most important one being how cost-effective it is in terms of distribution and marketing. Also, people love buying bundles because it saves time since they don’t have to look around for each product separately.

So there you have it! Some killer ideas that can help you make the most out of the biggest shopping day of the year. Now it’s your turn to get into action.