marketing-techniquesThere are two reasons you may want to find viable marketing techniques that don’t cost you a small fortune. You might be a small business with limited funds, or you might be a business of any size who wants to cut back on their expenses for the highest possible profit. No matter why you want to cut money on marketing, these twenty techniques can help.

1. Boost A Facebook Post

You can boost any Facebook post for as little as just $5. Choose how much you want to spend, and make sure the post is worth boosting. Maybe try a visual advertisement or something linking back to your website.

2. Start A Blog

If you don’t already have one, you need to start a blog. If you offer high-quality content, and post regularly, you will bring in a lot of customers looking for information on your business niche. You can post every single day if you’d like, but as long as you’re posting at least three times per week, your blog should stay active.

3. Take Advantage of Word of Mouth

Spreading the word about your business is free, and so is asking people to spread the word for you. Tell a few people about your business, and ask others to do the same. You’d be surprised at just how effective this can be.

4. Run A Small Giveaway

Running a small giveaway is a great way to boost your likes and followers on social media accounts, as well as drive traffic to your website. The giveaway doesn’t have to be something huge. Choose a small item you sell in your store, and offer it for free. If you host your giveaway through Rafflecopter, you can choose to have people do small tasks to earn entries. Examples include liking your Facebook, following on Twitter, signing up to receive your emails, answering a question, etc.

5. Have A Sale

Want an awesome way to promote your business? Run a sale! It costs nothing to set it up. The only costs is the discount you offer your customers, which can be nearly anything as long as it makes your items cheaper than they normally are.

6. Start Email Marketing

Here’s another thing you need to start doing if you aren’t already. Email marketing is an easy way to increase visibility of your content, individual products, website in general…. or all of the above. It just depends on what you highlight in your emails. The possibilities are endless.

7. Get Active on Social Media

You probably already have social media accounts for your business, but if you aren’t keeping them active, they aren’t doing you any good. Stay active by posting daily if you want your social media marketing to pay off.

8. Use Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to tell people you meet in your day to day about your business. You can get 250 Business cards printed for free from, and for just $20 you can have a thousand printed. It’s cheap, easy, and extremely convenient.

9. Guest Post

When you guest post on another blog, whether it be one hosted by a single professional or entire company, you are usually allowed to have one or more links associated in your biography at the bottom. Utilize this opportunity to drive traffic back to your website.

10. Create Back links

Back links are ‘links’ which direct traffic ‘back’ to your website. You can build them on forums, in email signatures, on social media, guest posts, and so many other places. Best of all? It’s free if you do it yourself.

11. Ask For Shares On Social Media

When you post something important, such as a visual advertisement or big announcement, ask for your followers to share it. The worst thing they can say is no, and its very likely at least a few people will do as you’ve asked.

12. Utilize Hash tags

Hash tags are tags with this sign in front of them – #. They help to group together posts on Facebook and Twitter which are about the same thing. Posts using hash tags are easier for people to find, and could end up helping you boost your likes and follows quite a bit.

13. Swap Advertisements

Swap advertising space on your blog and/or website with other companies. Tell them you’ll be happy to display theirs if they will display yours. Not only are you garnering free marketing, but you are also building important connections in the process.

14. Ask For Referrals

Ask your current customers to refer new customers. This could be through a referral program, general word of mouth, or even just by having customers write reviews about your products, services, and company.

15. Donate Time To A Worthy Charity

Donating your time to a worthy charity makes your company look good, and gets you a bit of free advertising in the process. Plus, you’re actually helping others in the process, which is sure to give you a feel-good feeling.

16. Offer Free Classes, Seminars, or Webinars

Offer free classes, seminars, or webinars. It won’t cost you a penny, but because you have supplied something people want, your company will be remembered. Like many other things on this list, it just costs a little bit of your time.

17. Speak At Other Company’s Events

If you get the opportunity, speaking at other company’s events is a good way to get a little bit of free marketing. People will remember you because you’re marketing yourself as an expert in your chosen field, and you’ll build new connections in the process.

18. Contribute Articles To Advice or Niche Sites

Advice and niche sites are always looking for new contributors. You get to use links in your biography – usually between one and three – so you’re driving traffic back to your site. The best thing is that this is targeted traffic, because these people are already interested in what you have to say.

19. Offer A Free E-Book

People tend to put more value on longer content like e-books than they do shorter content, like blog posts and articles. You’re holding their attention for a longer span of time, so they are more likely to remember you and your company.

20. Respond Personally

Whether it be emails, social media, blog comments, or whatever, responding personally is a great way to market your company. This makes your customers believe you put a lot of genuine stock in them, and as such, they are more likely to refer others, remember you, and continue patronizing your business.

These twenty marketing techniques are effective, and cost under $20 each. Utilizing them can help you to cut your marketing budget, or to stretch a small marketing budget. Put them into effect now to start seeing the results.