Digital marketing methods have allowed businesses to better claim their piece of the $57,000 the average American household spends each year.

Why has digital marketing proven so important to the modern business?

Given record high consumer confidence, competition among businesses has never been fiercer which makes standing out challenging. To make matters worse, American’s attention spans are shrinking!


Fortunately, with the help of the right marketing methods, you can find ways to cut through the clutter. Our personal favorite method… creating mobile messaging campaigns.

A mobile messaging campaign allows you to connect with 91% of the American population that owns cell phones.

If you’re thinking of leveraging mobile messaging to support your business, below are tips on how to get the most out of your campaign.

1. Keep it Simple

Text messages are a medium similar to Twitter in that people expect conciseness. Very few people have the patience for a long text message walking them through whatever your offer is. As a matter of fact, attention spans among consumers is lower than ever!

To make sure people take action on your messages, you have to get to the point!

2. Offers Work

When people give you their phone number, they expect something in return. Follow through on your end of the bargain and offer high-value rewards to you messaging list.

You’ll find that if your rewards are good, people will stay on your texting list longer and you’ll attract more subscribers.

3. Call People to Action

Your mobile messaging campaign should always have a purpose. That purpose should be communicated via a call to action.

Your call to action is your final direction to consumers telling them the next step they should take. Always have a great call to action that’s meaningful to your business goals in the messages you send out.

4. Leverage Urgency

People are natural procrastinators. To make sure that they don’t read, put off and forget about your mobile messaging campaign offer, add some urgency to your message.

It’s as simple as adding a deadline.

You can offer your subscriber list a deal, for example, and put a timeline on how long they have to claim it. This will drive more engagement.

Here’s a pro tip… if you use a deadline, always send a follow-up message announcing the deadline is about to pass… you’ll get all those last minute procrastinators to take action!

5. Let Your Mobile Messages Be Gateways For Larger Campaigns

Given that your mobile messaging campaign will have better reach than most of your other marketing tactics, you should leverage it as a gateway to your broader marketing efforts.

For example, let’s say you’re conducting a contest on social media…

You can use mobile messaging to make people aware of that campaign and share with them a link to your social media contest’s landing page.

Or share a link when you publish a new blog post. Find an interesting YouTube video? You should share that too!

6. Time Your Marketing Efforts

Mobile devices are highly personal and most people keep theirs with them all day. Because of that “constantly plugged in” nature, you’ll want to be careful when you engage your subscribers.

If you’re sending out marketing messages overnight, you could bother and annoy your customers.

Always aim to engage subscribers during times you feel they’ll be enjoying low-pressure leisure time.

Remember, every business should send texts at different times… a nightclub doesn’t send text messages early in the morning. A business selling products to other businesses doesn’t text at 10 pm at night!

7. Survey Your Audience

Again, given that mobile phones are very personal, when marketing to consumers via this platform you’ll want to take special care to not aggravate them by sending irrelevant marketing materials.

To make sure that your mobile messaging campaign will provide real value to subscribers that will strengthen their connection to their business, do some research. It can be as simple as asking them what they want to know more about… or what questions they have.

Before and during your mobile messaging efforts, talk to your customers and ask them what they’d find most valuable. Also, understand what their consumer pain points are and craft your marketing messages in ways that help alleviate their gripes.

Bottom line – Do everything you can to make sure your marketing is on point. If you don’t, you run a higher risk of losing subscribers very quickly.

8. Play on Exclusivity

When sending offers through a mobile messaging campaign, let people know you’re rewarding them because they’re on your texting list! Make these special offers exclusive… You can do this by opening your offer by letting subscribers know “This offer is exclusive to our texting subscribers!”

Making people feel like they’re getting special treatment will heighten your click-through rate.

It will also keep customers subscribed to your marketing efforts longer.

9. Make Customers Feel Like Insiders

Not everything you send over text needs to be selling something. Mobile messaging is also a great way to elicit feedback from customers.

By telling customers via mobile messaging that you value their opinion, you’d be surprised how many will take the time to respond to your message.

The feedback you get through direct communication or surveys can help you improve your products, and services. It can even help optimize your future mobile messaging efforts.

10. Use Mobile Messaging to Follow-Up

If you sent out a great offer via email, you can use mobile messaging to drive more engagement with that campaign.

For example, send out a great offer to your email list. A little while later, follow-up with your mobile subscribers asking if they saw your email and ask them to take action.

Cross promoting through follow-ups means more relevant content you’re providing to your mobile subscribers. It also means a lower likelihood that efforts occurring via your other marketing mediums will go ignored.

Your Mobile Messaging Campaign, What’s Next?

Mobile messaging is a far-reaching digital marketing medium that enables businesses to cut through today’s clutter. In order to get the most out of your mobile messaging campaign, we recommend following the tips and ideas listed above.

Doing things as simple as refining your marketing messages through feedback, targeting effective times of day to send messages, and making subscribers feel exclusive can improve engagement and help drive a higher return on your marketing investment!

If you’re ready to integrate mobile messaging into your marketing efforts today, let us help.

At Betwext, we empower businesses to forge deeper bonds with their clients. We help them reach more people, scale quickly, save time and save money. To learn more about getting started with business texting, or to learn how to promote your small business check out our special report… “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing

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