We are bombarded with ads on a daily basis and consumers are growing more and more immune to large budget advertising. Marketers that focus on creativity and buzz can generate effective results with (generally) inexpensive techniques.

Like surprises? Don’t we all! Creating a “Wow!” moment for your consumers is an effective way for your marketing to ‘stick’ and be memorable for the viewer.

Guerrilla marketing (no, not the animal) is an advertising strategy all about creating buzz by using unconventional means, time and most importantly, creativity and imagination.

Usually Guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected, possibly interactive and consumers are targeted in unforeseen places (general public, campuses, street marketing/giveaways, PR stunts, etc).

So, what is the goal of Guerrilla marketing? Simple – be effective, economical and achieve maximum results.  This technique is used to create a unique, appealing and stimulating concept to generate buzz, and become highly viral.

Another objective of Guerrilla marketing is to create a memorable brand experience – to retain current consumers, but attract new ones as well.

Below are some awesome examples of Guerrilla marketing campaigns that will get your heads turning.

1. Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine

Below is my all-time favourite Guerrilla marketing campaign. Coca Cola raised the ante with Guerrilla marketing on a college campus in the United States.

The video was created and posted on YouTube in 2010. Even in 2012, the number of viewers from its debut has almost tripled!

You wish you had a coke right about now, don’t ya?

2. I’m lovin’ it – boardwalk

guerilla marketing

3. Safe driving billboard

billboard advertising

4. Vampire Diaries ‘blood’ dispenser

If you haven’t seen the hit TV drama series, Vampire Diaries – this drink dispenser will leave you thirsty for it.

guerilla marketing tactics

5. Swiss skydive “elevator” imagery

guerrilla marketing

6. Stop global warming

global warming marketing

7. Bounty paper towels

Bounty marketing

8. Tyskie Beer

Not sure what you are thirsty for? This might help you decide even before stepping foot into the bar.

beer marketing

9. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

Bored waiting for your luggage to pass by? At least you are given something pleasant to look at, and even possibly spark an idea (Beau Rivage Resort) for your next trip.

airport marketing

10. Coca-Cola’s “New Grip” bus stop ad

If you don’t notice this ad right off the bat, it might just grab you…literally.

bus stop marketing

Can’t get enough? Check out Creative Guerilla Marketing for more exciting examples!

What do you think of this unconventional advertising technique? Have you seen any Guerrilla marketing campaigns that have shocked/excited you? Share in the comments below!