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Marketing Automation

Tracking URLs in HubSpot: What You Need to Know about Campaign Tracking

Your HubSpot campaigns typically involve several different moving parts that may cross over departments like marketing, sales, and customer service.…

Kelly Groover
March 4, 2021
Marketing Automation

Ecommerce Marketing Automation: More Sales, Less Work

Even if you aren’t an expert, chances are, you implicitly grasp how great automation might be for your ecommerce marketing…

Dwight Hill
March 2, 2021
Marketing Automation

Marketers Will Face Major Challenges in 2021: Here’s How to Overcome Them

The 2021 Marketing word of the year will be “Agility”. With significant COVID-triggered challenges and opportunities, one thing is for…

Diaz Nesamoney
February 23, 2021
Marketing Automation

Using Integrations to Improve Marketing Processes

There is a whole suite of integrations that can help make day-to-day marketing activities much easier, especially when it comes…

Daniel Twigg
February 5, 2021
Marketing Automation

Why Does Your “Bot” Want To Talk To Me?

We are in a period where automation has run amuck. “Bots” and Artificial Intelligence (with the emphasis on Artificial) are…

Dave Brock
December 21, 2020
Marketing Automation

The Democratization of Data-Driven Marketing and Selling Tools

We’ve all heard the buzzwords around big data. Part of our vocabulary now for years, it’s become ubiquitous with showy…

Jon Eggleton
December 8, 2020
Marketing Automation

5 Tips to Scale Your B2B Campaigns With Marketing Automation

With the number and complexity of marketing channels increasing day by day, it's crucial for B2B marketers to connect with…

Anthony Gaenzle
November 26, 2020
Marketing Automation

Automation & Organization: Connect Your Technology Network

“What we are concerned with here is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things,” explained Dirk Gently, the eponymous holistic detective…

Jonathan Crossfield
November 10, 2020
Marketing Automation

Traditional Testing vs. Agile Testing – Should You Replace the Old Testing Approach?

Earlier, the development team was seen as the be-all and end-all of software development life cycle, with testing forming only…

Mitul Makadia
November 9, 2020
Marketing Automation

What is API Testing and How Do You Implement It?

The efficiency of API can make or break your product. API acts as a bridge between the database and the…

Mitul Makadia
November 2, 2020
Marketing Automation

3 Things Your Business Should Automate (And 3 It Shouldn’t)

Automation is a powerful tool for any business, especially small businesses that don’t have a lot of employees. There is…

JC Hite
October 26, 2020
Marketing Automation

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