Small businesses and nonprofit’s generally work with limited staff resources, making it challenging to keep up with everything and do an adequate job at the same time. Just trying to stay on top of pinpointing, communicating with, converting prospects and retaining contacts, marketing on its own can eat up most of your working hours (for small business owners, that’s typically every day of the week). When you add in handling administrative tasks and sales, there just isn’t enough time to do everything, let alone well. It’s important to save time wherever you can in order to make the most of your time, which is where marketing automation comes into play.

Marketing automation makes it possible for you to be discovered by and engage with your target audience, without keeping you from dealing with other critical duties. When you’re wearing the hats of administrator, salesperson, marketer . . . the list goes on and on, this is an invaluable resource. Marketing automation creates a highly efficient, time-saving environment for the creation, administration, and automation of essential marketing functions and conversations, across both offline and online channels.

Marketing Automation Lowers Cost

Let’s consider how marketing automation saves you time.

Acts as a Centralized Marketing Database
Marketing automation programs provide a place for all your marketing data, such as detailed prospect and client behaviors and interactions, so you’re able to segment and focus on the right message to every prospect/client. Automatically being able to track behaviors is a powerful ability, making it possible to execute pre-outlined actions based on a specific leads activity. This flows through every stage of the buying cycle.

Marketing Automation & AnalyticsAn Analytics Generator
Provides a way to test, measure, and optimize your marketing ROI and the effect on revenue. Think of a marketing automation platform as a collective base for your marketing, where go to determine what worked, what didn’t work and what you can do to improve your efforts.

Optimizes Time
From optimizing your time and/or your staff’s time, to optimizing which prospects/clients your sales team concentrates their efforts on, the extent of marketing automation goes far beyond just automating time-consuming, repetitive marketing tasks. Regardless of the size your business, you’ll have an infinite number of resources at your fingertips with the right marketing automation system, making it possible to get a lot more out of the hours you commit to your business.

Supports Creative Use of Time
When you replace repetitive, manual tasks with automated campaigns and rules, you’ll “automatically” free up time to concentrate on more creative tasks. Although this has obvious benefits on staff effectiveness and productivity, there are less tangible benefits on the creativity and overall personal satisfaction that comes from being able to focus creative work instead of boring, repetitive tasks

Reduced Lead Conversion Time
Because you’ll be making the sales process more effective and efficient, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of time it takes for a prospective lead to become a client.

Bring Value and Return on investment to Your Marketing Efforts
Marketing automation brings value to your varied marketing efforts and return on your investment. Choosing the right marketing automation platform and combining it with smart process and organizational alignment will make it possible for you to connect the dots between that networking event you attended 6 months ago, the promotional email you sent out last month and the profits you can expect next week or next quarter.

In a nutshell, marketing automation empowers businesses and organizations of any size to automate, streamline and measure important workflows and marketing tasks, not only saving them time, but improving operational efficiency and generating revenue much faster.

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