Have you ever heard the concept of storytelling with your email marketing campaigns? It’s a pretty complex procedure, but makes a lot of sense.

What makes for a good story is it has cohesion throughout, meaning it grabs your attention from the beginning, has a good, intriguing middle to keep you interested, and finally, a captivating end that tugs at your emotions. This is good storytelling.

So how does that translate to email marketing? Well, most people don’t come to your site and make an instant purchase. This means you have to guide each lead along to the end. There’s a beginning (their initial visit your site), a middle (the visitor’s interactions with your content and getting to know your brand), and an end (a sale). It’s just like storytelling.

We call this lead nurturing, which is helping each lead along the buy cycle until they make a purchase.

So how do you nurture a lead along the way?

This starts with understanding your potential customer and where they are in the buy cycle. Not everyone is going to be at the same point or be looking for the same thing, so you have understand each individual visitor’s needs and cater to them based on those needs.

So if someone is looking at product A, you’ll want to send emails that discuss product A, or comparable products. It’s sending out automated campaigns based on your visitor’s actions on your site and figuring out where they are in your marketing funnel based on those actions.

If someone is first coming to your site, you don’t want to instantly push a product in front of their face. Instead, send them some content that talks about your brand and what you have to offer. On the other hand, if you’ve got someone who is spending a lot of time on certain product pages, then send some content about those products.

It’s all about finding where your lead is within the story, and telling them more of the story until they get to the end.

If you’d like to learn more about lead nurturing and storytelling, take a look at the short video clip above.