As someone who has a business that is B2B, I have found that LinkedIn has been the most successful Social Media revenue driver. I use each of the main social networks, as well as Google to promote my business, but since the beginning of this month LinkedIn has become my NBF (new best friend).


Because the way I can market to my potential customer has become more effective and intelligent.

I have spoken before about Facebook and their remarketing features and how great they are for niche-targeting but for today’s article I want to talk to LinkedIn and how I am able to take a potential customer, and nurture them which then turns them into a paying customer.


At the end of April, LinkedIn introduced a brand new piece of software that allows you to combine LinkedIn’s professional data with your own LinkedIn Data to create campaigns that target a specific audience. Matched Audiences will help you engage with the key members of your audience through three different features; Website Retargeting, Account Targeting and Contact Targeting.


With website retargeting you can re-engage with your website visitors and nurture them through engagement.


Account targeting is a unique option where you can upload a list of company names to match against the 12 million LinkedIn company pages. You now have the power to market to thought leaders and decision makers with all of the hard work of finding them done for you by LinkedIn’s new remarketing feature.


For me, contact targeting is the most powerful tool because of the large database that I have. I can now upload this database to LinkedIn through a CSV file and engage with potential customers that have already been through my email marketing funnel.


Fortunately for LinkedIn, Facebook’s audience reach has been widely criticised for the last 8 months with many businesses looking at other options as they are finding that they are not getting a ROI (return on investment)

You will find one big different when taking your database and uploading it into Facebook, and doing the same inside of LinkedIn. Less than 15% of the email addresses you upload into Facebook will be matched to a Facebook account meaning that you are marketing to such a small percentage of your database. Having a low match rate inside of Facebook means that your ad volume will also be low, as will your conversions.

It has been reported that around 75% of someone’s database is actively using LinkedIn and because they have both their personal, and work-related emails registered with their LinkedIn profiles, the chances of being able to remarket to them, and personalise your content is much higher, meaning your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

Facebook might have the bigger user total at over 1.9 billion, but if you’re B2B, LinkedIn will be your best bet when it comes to advertising on Social Media.


I have had a huge shift in how I market to my audience over the last 12 months. I have always tried to be as personal as possible with the content I write, and the way I communicate through the emails I send but I have now understood that my audience want more personalisation and I am able to achieve this through advertising, and even more so through LinkedIn’s new Matched Audience.

When I run a webinar, there are a number of things my team and I do to prepare all of our marketing content. We think about the content we share leading up to that webinar, as well as our email marketing, Social Media strategy and of course; our PPC campaigns. This is where Custom Audiences comes into play.

Let’s first take a look at website retargeting. People come over to my website and click on my webinar landing page. They decide not to sign up for the webinar for one reason or another and that’s OK because I allow Custom Audiences to re-engage with them inside of LinkedIn, allowing for further nurturing to help them make the decision to sign up and join me on my webinar.

Once they sign up, I can then take that signup list, and upload it into LinkedIn for both account targeting and contact targeting. If I wanted to better understand their needs I would look at account targeting as I can then connect with their LinkedIn company pages and follow their updates.

With contact targeting, I can delve deeper, and actually start my remarketing campaign that ultimately generates even more leads and sales. This database I upload to nurture through Custom Audiences has already been “touched” by my personalised marketing at least 7 times, which means they are near the point of becoming a potential client of mine, and purchasing a product or service.

How powerful would that be for your business?

LinkedIn have said that using Website retargeting will get you a 30% increase in click-through rates and that using Account targeting will get you a 32% increase in post-click conversion rates. More impressively, LinkedIn have also said that using Custom targeting will give you a 37% increase in click-through rates.

How do you feel about using LinkedIn’s Custom Audience features, and if you have already used it, have you got the results you were looking for?

The work doesn’t stop at LinkedIn’s advertising options, as there is so much more to the B2B social network that can help you generate leads, awareness and sales.

Did you know:

  • LinkedIn users are FOUR TIMES more likely to visit your website than Facebook users
  • LinkedIn generates the HIGHEST visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which was 277% higher than Twitter
  • 40% of users use LinkedIn DAILY
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content

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