Do you want to generate more leads with LinkedIn?

If the chief goal of your business is to generate more leads, then LinkedIn is the social network you should provide top priority to in your social media marketing strategy. As a study by Hubspot found that LinkedIn visitor to lead conversion rate is 3 times more than Twitter and Facebook.

You don’t have to only be a B2B targeting business to benefit from LinkedIn’s lead generating potential as plenty of B2C targeting businesses can profit from this too.

Hence, I am going to discuss the 4 techniques both B2Bs and B2Cs can use to generate more leads with LinkedIn…

Promote landing pages on your LinkedIn profile:

If you want to generate maximum leads through a marketing campaign, the basic rule you must follow is to set up a few landing pages with gated content. Your aim should be to send both generic and paid traffic to these landing pages as they will convert traffic to leads far better than regular pages.

Sending traffic to regular pages like the home page or ‘about us’ page can cost you leads.

Hence, set up a landing page or few and begin sending traffic to them from your LinkedIn profile. You should also optimize the other main pages on your website to mimic the high conversion rates of a landing page.

Once you have some landing pages set up, begin promoting the link to this page on prominent places of your LinkedIn profile.

Alex Pirouz executes this technique effectively as he shares the link to his website in his LinkedIn profile’s headline. When people land on his profile it is one of the first things they will see. They cannot click on the link, but they can copy and paste it.

Even though this takes us to the homepage of his website, it will convert well as it is optimized for conversion. Right at the top of the home page he provides the option to sign up for a guide and video.

Use the summary to generate LinkedIn leads:

Your summary is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. People will read it to quickly learn more about you. It can be used to generate leads as in it you can mention things like your newsletter and lead magnets and provide URLs to the pages and ask people to sign up. Again, people cannot click on the URLs, but they can copy and paste it.

An example of someone who makes use of his Linkedin summary to generate leads is Tai Lopez. In his LinkedIn profile, he summarizes his life and work experiences and mentions The 67 Steps which is Tai Lopez’s website.

He doesn’t provide the URL to this website, but when you ‘Google’ the words ‘The 67 Steps’ his website shows up in the top results.

generate Linkedin leads

Once people land on his site, he should be able to generate leads as it is well optimized for conversion.

linkedin leads optimization

Tai Lopez’s podcast is also mentioned in the summary. This should help him generate some subscribers/leads for the podcast.

Like Tai, you should describe your business and website in the summary and provide a lot of social proof so that people will want to check it out and subscribe.

If you want to make it easier for people to find your website and sign up, you should include the URL to a landing page. Shortening the URL with a tool like Bitly will help as you will then know how many people copied and pasted it and visited your website.

Data gained from tracking visits can be used to modify your summary and get more people to visit your site through your LinkedIn summary.

Make the most of groups to generate leads with Linkedin:

The above two methods will provide great results, if your LinkedIn profile is visited by people constantly. But if it isn’t then you will need to exert a bit more manual effort by frequently posting in groups.

LinkedIn group owners have already done the hard job of building the group and gaining hundreds and thousands of members. And they want your help to keep them happy. Hence, they will welcome it when you share links to your landing page (where people can download free content) here. But make sure the content is of the best quality and the topic is relevant to the group.

If you share bad content and links to products, they will be disappointed and you will be considered a spammer.

linkedin groups directory

You can find several groups where your target audience can be found by using the LinkedIn group boards directory.

Use ads to generate LinkedIn leads:

Another method that can help you generate leads instantly is Linkedin ads. Through LinkedIn ads you can get your message and the link to your landing pages in front of your perfect target audience quickly. If you have a good budget you should be able to get several quality leads in days and weeks instead of having to wait for a long time.

These are the 4 ways to generate more leads with LinkedIn. Get started by creating some quality gated content secured with an opt-in form. Then promote it on your Linkedin profile by optimizing parts like the headline and summary.

You can then try out using LinkedIn groups and ads. If you urgently require these leads and have the budget for it, you should go for the ads directly. First, create a test ad on a small budget to see how it converts. If you are happy with the results, you can invest more into it.

How do you generate more leads with LinkedIn? Have you used any of the above techniques? Which one has worked best for you? Please leave your comments below.