Who writes your words?

Too many businesses continue to offer a workplace that leaves little room for the employee’s personality to shine through. They micromanage the heck out of each service step and expect their minions to follow the path without exceptions.

I can understand the need for consistent uniform and grooming standards but please don’t make them say the same words over and over again.

Many must recite a script written by someone who sits in an office far removed from the customers or by someone who, for years, hasn’t been “on the front lines” with the customers. But since they have the position, they think they know better…but do they?

Who Writes YOUR Words?

Give your employees some “freedom of speech”. Let them find a way to connect with the customers based on their daily interactions with them. They know the “regulars” and know they’d rather be addressed casually and not like a robot.

Offer training that teaches optional phrasing and greetings they can use depending on the situation. These greetings must still be appropriate and regulated by the business but at least there will be some options they can use as needed. I know your team will welcome this small but important change.

If I am dealing with a store clerk, or manager, over any length of time, I prefer them to have flexibility in how they deal with me and be able to show some genuine interest in my business.

Yes, the clerk must be professional and act within guidelines. But as a customer, I prefer to not be served by a robot or anyone who can’t adapt to my needs.

Is the Boss Out of Touch With Today’s Business?

Speak to me like a person instead of how you are scripted by the corporate offices to “maximize the guest interaction”.

That only works on paper, not in person.