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As a growing business adaptation is keen. It’s always important to keep a continuous progress. Being in a management position means that nobody is really going to question your business idea – you’re not going to get told off of your idea isn’t that good. However close the company culture is, it is likely that an employee wouldn’t risk their position by stating that a business decision is awful. So what are some ways to test your business ideas? How can you make sure you’re not going to drive to company to the ground with a wrong idea?Case Studies

Read case studies! Learning from other’s mistakes and how they resolved them is really important. The Harvard Business Review offers a never ending list of cases studies, from issues small business’ had to face to problems the world’s biggest companies had to over come. It’s more than likely that there won’t be a case exactly like yours, but it’s tremendously useful to check around case studies of companies that operate in the same industry and see how they managed their growth, what decisions they made and what strategies they have implemented.

Online Surveys

There’s a tremendous amount of online surveying platforms available. Many of them allow you to create a survey, which then can anonymously be filled out by participants to who we send out the link to the survey. There are free and paid surveys that can become really useful. One of the difficulties in this case is reaching your target audience – the participants have to be invited by the creator of the survey to fill it out. However, there are many platforms where you pose a survey that will then be reviewed and filled out by the community of the website – hence creating an unbiased and diversified audience group. The services are usually paid, but produced true results coming from a wide array of people

Opinion Surveys

Why not ask your employees what they think? Having them fill out opinion surveys will give them the anonymity to be entirely honest and therefore you can test the perception of your business ideas. As your employees are the ones that truly see into the daily operations of any company, it’s keen to utilize these insights. But the only way to do so is to provide a platform where there can truly and anonymously express their thoughts for which a great way is opinion surveys.

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These are just a few of the ways to test a business idea before implementations. Case studies provide a great ground for comparison and with them one can learn from real life experiences. Online surveys that reach a wide audience and get answers from a variety of different people is great for getting unbiased results. One of the biggest setbacks when testing business ideas in such a way, is that we have to be incredible careful in formulating the questions to get our ideas across. Surveying our employees can be a great choice too, since they’re the ones that see inside the machine therefore have the best insights.