Not everyone will be happy with your success. Some people will be overcome with jealousy. Don't let other people's jealousy hold you back!

As we’ve talked about before, not everyone will be happy with your success. Some people will be overcome with jealousy. It’s not your job to make them feel better about themselves. It’s your job to go after your dreams and live your very best life. So don’t let other people’s jealousy hold you back!

When you work really hard to go after your goals and achieve great things, some people won’t like it. It’s sad, but unfortunately true. Some people would rather bring you down to their level than celebrate your achievements. Don’t let them hold you back!

Other People’s Jealousy Isn’t Your Problem

No matter how much you may think people are your friends or how much they care about you, if they can’t celebrate your wins with you, then they aren’t your friends. Remember to be wary of those that don’t clap when you win. And just remember that some people do not have the same determination that you have had to have to get this far. Not everyone is willing to put the work in that you have. Not everyone is willing to take the risks that you have. But those people also think that the world owes them a living whilst they sit at home complaining about everyone else’s success.

They are not your problem! They are not your friends. You are better and should rise above it. Keep on focusing on your goals and living your best life. Haters will always hate. They are not your problem!

Keep on going! I am proud of all that you have achieved. Surround yourself with like-minded people and don’t be held back.

This concludes the rant for the day!

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