geralt / Pixabay

Instagram is a highly visual medium, and that’s why it’s the perfect platform for your content marketing.

Especially if your business relies on visuals such as videos, graphics, or photography, Instagram can be a great way to build an audience.

But even if you’re in a less visual driven industry, like software or nonprofit, you can still use Instagram to drive your marketing. Below are five fresh ideas to help differentiate your Instagram marketing from your competitors.

1. Use infographics to tell the story with data

Infographics are a great and easy way to create visual content, regardless of what you are marketing. An infographic can be used to show stats or figures surrounding your industry, as well as provide more information about your product or service.

Instagram infographics (or Instagraphics) are easy to put together so work great when you have a small team or a small budget. Whats more, you can repurpose the content from existing blog posts or reports to create your Instagraphics, reducing the workload for the marketing team.

2. Share customer testimonials or case studies

Instagram is a peer led network. People are very used to hearing their friends or favourite influencers recommendations or stories via captions and videos. Using your Instagram platform to include customer testimonials and case studies is a great way to show the value of your company in a way that feels natural, and not overly salesy.

Using quote graphics alongside high quality photography and video interviews is one way to help build consumer trust in your brand.

3. Show the impact of your work

Particularly in nonprofit marketing, Instagram is a great way to highlight the impact that your work is having. Using the photo carousel you could show before and after shots of an area that you have rejuvenated, or do “Instagram takeovers” with people you have helped.

Showing impact can be a particularly useful idea if you’re looking to fundraise, as seeing a change in action is a very emotive type of content.

4. Utilize stories for a Q&A

The stories feature on Instagram includes great interactive elements such as the ability for your followers to ask you questions. You could host a Q&A about your product or service to help give a human face to your brand. Your followers will also appreciate the opportunity to connect and ask questions.

By hosting a Q&A you can also scope out what types of content your audience is interested in; if a lot of people send questions about a similar product feature you could write a blog post that goes into more detail using those questions as section headings for example.

5. Host workshops on Instagram live

As the world moves online, why not utilize the Instagram Live feature to host a digital workshop. Show your followers how to use your product, or host an Instagram Webinar about your area of expertise.

The possibilities for hosting Instagram Live workshops are endless – and are especially effective for organizations that relied on interactivity pre-COVID, such as fitness, food services, software, or education. Passive industries such as traditional retail or real estate could host Webinars about buying tips and tricks or latest fashion trends.