Many sectors are seeing the year 2020 as a visionary year that’s perfect for launching new businesses, reviving shelved marketing campaigns, or renewing past digital marketing efforts. The year 2020 will bear witness to the evolution of various digital marketing strategies as voice, image, video, and semantics overtake purely text-based marketing strategies.

There will be new trends this year for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, and among them will include the mad scramble for position zero on the Search Engine Results Pages, the rise of voice searches, the extensive use of visual search, and the popularization of video searches. Despite the arrival of such trends, content marketing will remain as the king of SEO.

The reason why many businesses covet position zero is because of the rise of Voice Search Engine Optimization and the dominance of Zero-Click Search Results. Zero-Click Search Results occupy an overwhelming 62.5% of all mobile searches and around 34.4% of desktop searches.

The popularity of voice searches is evident as more and more gadgetry is voice-activated. Due to numerous voice-activated devices and the continuous rise of Artificial Intelligence technologies, more people aged 18 to 24 are foreseen to use such devices to do online searches.

Visual searches will also be used more extensively this year, especially since 62% of millennials currently prefer using such means above other search technologies. Among the visual search technologies include Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, Camfind, and Bing Visual Search.

Videos have been a strong element in every company’s digital marketing strategy, and they are now being used as an element in search engine optimization and marketing. Many brands are currently using Video SEO, 1:1 Videos, Live Videos, and 360˚ Videos to dominate search engine results.

Even with all the new trends that have surfaced, content marketing will not go away anytime soon since they remain as one of the most powerful ways to attract a targeted customer’s attention.

For more information on the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Trends this 2020, see this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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