Go-Globe has released interesting news about YouTube advertising. The numbers are incredible and every marketers should seriously begin to look at their YouTube budget this year. More than half (51%) of marketers now run YouTube video ads.

The State of Youtube Advertising - Statistics and Trends

YouTube marketing is becoming the most popular advertising medium in use today. As a matter of fact, some 51.9 of marketers think that video marketing produces the best Return on Investment. Studies have shown that if video is embedded in your landing page, conversion rate will increase by 80%. As you can see, these numbers show that there is a great future with YouTube video advertising. No wonder that 62% of marketers plan to spend more on YouTube marketing this year. It is simply something that any serious marketer cannot afford to ignore.

Here are some reasons why you should start taking YouTube video marketing seriously:

  • Viewers are more receptive to YouTube ads than in other social media platforms like Facebook

Because of the popularity YouTube has been enjoying over the recent years, marketers are flocking to YouTube as an advertising option. As a result, YouTube users have come expect ads while watching YouTube videos. This is not the same with Facebook. Facebook went mainstream only recently in 2006 and many videos you will watch on Facebook will also be found on YouTube.

  • Proliferation of mobile devices favors video consumption

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Some marketers think that a single video is worth a million words. Another thing that builds the case for video marketing is that video consumption on mobile devices continues to double every year, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices.

  • YouTube allows marketers to work with influencer channels

In YouTube, like in many online platforms, a rookie marketers can find it difficult to compete. The good news is that YouTube allows one to work with influencer channels. This is significant because millennials are not only consuming user-generated video content. They now expect more videos from influencer channels. One can partner with such influencer channels by sponsoring content for a chance to reach a wider audience. One of the most significant statistic to remember is that 64% of consumers make a buying decision after watching a branded video advertising online.

Apart from common metrics like views, impressions, likes, shares and comments, a well-executed YouTube marketing campaign have a positive impact on a business bottom-line.

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