Did you know that over 40% of marketers believe their Facebook usage is a vital part of running a business?

Are you aware that 82% of social media leads are collected from Twitter?

According to the infographic, “How To Generate Leads With Social Media” by Quick Sprout, for the past four years, social media has been a key component in generating leads. In fact, social media has a higher “lead-to-close” frequency by 100%, in contrast to outbound marketing.

This is why we need to further understand strategies for generating leads with social media. I highly recommend referring to this week’s ‘interesting infographic’, which emphasizes stats and recommendations for effective social media lead generation:

Why Generate Leads Through Social Media?

  1. To boost exposure for your business.
  2. To enhance web traffic.
  3. To diminish costs.
  4. To improve sales.
  5. To improve search results, including page ranks and inbound links.

Social Media Facts You Need To Know

  • For the past eight years, there has been a 365% hike in U.S. social media usage.
  • Approximately 69% of marketers are willing to pay for social media strategies to augment web traffic.
  • However, 65% of marketers invest in social media to further comprehend their market.
  • Social media marketing has reduced costs for 45% of businesses.
  • Consumer satisfaction increased with the help of social media for 50% of businesses.
  • Revenue increased for 24% of businesses when they utilized social media for lead generation.

Social Media Strategies For Lead Generation

  1. Consider numerous channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
  2. Each channel should have a long-term strategy implemented.
  3. Make sure you conduct pertinent research, which includes keywords and information about your demographics.
  4. Ensure content is focused and highlights your company’s proficiency.
  5. Create a community by engaging with social media followers.
  6. Cross-promote your social media channels with one another.
  7. Monitor social media results.
  8. Further understand and improve your SEO.

Take Note

  • Approximately 82% of companies utilize LinkedIn solely for business reasons.
  • YouTube is utilized for marketing motives by 77% of companies.
  • A total of 23% of Facebook users refer to their profiles 5+ times everyday.
  • 44% of companies that owned Twitter accounts experienced a hike in their number of consumers.

How can you apply Quick Sprout’s lead generation advice to your business? View the full infographic below, then answer the question in the comment box.

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