Have you ever wondered how does the whole process of football transfer happen? There are a lot of different factors involved, like scouts, the demand for players, transfer fee, negotiations and lot more. Did you know that talent scouts need to watch hundreds of games a year? This way they can see how well do players play in different conditions. They will write reports on players’ strengths and attributes so they have all the information they need in case they ever want to use that player. That’s a lot of work! After the manager sees the team is in need for a player he asks scouts to find a player. This is when all the hours of watching games come to play. Scouts need to choose which players they think would be best for that position. And you thought you have stressful job? Try choosing couple of candidates among several thousands. The buying club needs to open a dialogue with players’ current club. Only after they agreed about all the details, player can be informed. Isn’t that awkward? They are planning to buy you, and you are the last one who finds out. Yikes! After the player has been informed real negotiations can start. Every player needs to have an agent, which is the person who represents his interests in this process. During the negotiations both sides obviously try to get a better deal. Did you know that football agents take a percentage of a player’s wage for taking care of all the off- field issues involving the client? You did? But did you know they also get a fee paid by the buying club for facilitating the deal? Now we know who gets the best deal in this process. For more information about this complex process of football transfer read this clever infographic.