Just how influential are brand names to consumers’ buying decisions? The way people shop has dramatically changed over the years. Today, shoppers are less patient and marketers have a very small window of opportunity to influence their decision. As a result, many businesses employ different ambitious strategies to try to woo customers and one of them is earnest branding.

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In that regard, it helps to note that branding is one of the biggest purchasing decision. About 59% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands they are familiar with and 21% buy from a brand they like. It has further been reveals that 38% of moms’ buying decisions are influenced by brands liked by other women on Facebook.

Are you finding it difficult to influence consumer buying decision through social media conversations? If so, do not give up yet because the stats show 77% of social media conversations are people looking for brand information, help and advice. In that regard, the toughest job is using the social media channels to deliver what the customer want. Your messages in the social media should be sincere and inspirational because brands that deliver inspired content higher emotional intensity are 3 times more likely to influence customers than those that don’t.

When we look at the percentage of brand loyalty by category and gender, we see that smartphones and tablets inspire the greatest loyalty on average between the two genders (47% male and 43% female). Household appliances inspire the least loyalty (25% male and 18% female). Automobiles gets 48% loyalty from male and 40% from women. Others are, financial services and investments (43% male, 34% female), home electronics (34% male, 27% female), hotel and resort (32% male, 21% female) and Apparel (30% male, 16% female).

Consumers place a high premium on brand trustworthiness (31%). Other important attributes include creativeness (29%), intelligence (23%), authenticity (22%) and confidence (21%). 59% of consumers say they decide whether to become loyal to a brand immediately after the first purchase. 40% of Americans report boycotting a brand because of irresponsibility and 38% of people say they’d recommend a brand they like to their friends.

When it comes to brand awareness, 84% of B2B marketers attribute brand awareness as one of the most important aspects of their content marketing efforts. On that same note, 64% of consumers would open an email from a trusted brand; thus, brand awareness and trust are two of top determinants of customer response to brand messages.

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