These two giants of the marketing world are always pitted against each other in various ways, both have their pros and cons, and both are used widely by lots of businesses across the world.

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Now both have been around for several years, with email being the older of the two, and also the more widely used form of business communication. However from the time that email erupted onto the scene, it has not really changed or evolved too much.

Email is great for selling products, beautiful images and catchy headlines grab our attention and get us clicking. However, the early success of emails caused a huge influx of anyone and everyone emailing out there products to anyone and everyone. Meaning that we were all and continue to be drowned in heaps of non relevant marketing emails.

All this has led to a huge demise in open and response rates for emails, our spam filters and junk folders are working overtime to try and ensure our inbox folders are not overloaded with emails. And if they do get through, we tend to be very click trash happy, so don’t give emails a second look.

Where SMS is riding high on the back of the importance of the mobile phone. It has been on a meteoric rise leading to the majority of businesses and brands now having a mobile marketing plan and strategy.

The mobile phone grows with importance every day as does the list of its capabilities and functions. We can do anything and everything with it now, start our cars, warm our homes, listen to music, watch videos and play games… the list goes on and on and on.

This makes the mobile phone a very powerful marketing tool for businesses and brands, you know your customers will have their phones either in their hands or in their pockets when you send them your marketing text message. And you can pretty much guarantee they are going to read your message – no one deletes a text message without reading it!

So below we have an infographic filled with email and SMS marketing stats and facts that you can compare and contrast, to help you make your business marketing plans.

Source: Text Marketer

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