In the current times of unsurpassable email competition in the inbox, making a difference is a big deal! Dynamic Content or Real Time Content has grown to bring this significant difference to your marketing emails, and get the deserved ROIs from your well thought out campaigns. Tailor-made content to every individual subscriber based on their past behavior, present location or the buying pattern – That’s Dynamic Content. It is also knows as smart or adaptive content because of the benefits associated with it – mainly its ability to automatically target your email campaign to each individual recipient.

Dynamic content brings with it a great deal of benefits that would help rejuvenate your email marketing campaigns amazingly. Data-driven personalized marketing emails to your audience, is the need of the hour as it’s only these superior emails that are going to take you towards roaring revenues.

Take a look at the stats and benefits below and you’d know how much it works:

  1. Dynamic content makes your subscribers feel valued and special, leading to better response instigation.
  2. Most marketers agree to the fact that real-time marketing should be defined as “dynamic personalized content delivered across channels.” 78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of marketing.
  3. Dynamic content facilitates geo-targeting for localization with dynamic content ideas such as reaching out to subscribers in their own language, showcasing specific offers, weather, information. etc.
  4. Since all the content in emails is data driven, it delivers targeted message to your subscribers based on their interests and thereby increasing the relevance.
  5. Among all the marketing channels, E-mail rates highest for the use of real-time content. 80% of marketers find it very important and 97% marketers find it moderate to highly important.
  6. Relevant emails facilitated by dynamic tags are capable of driving 18 times more revenue, as compared to broadcast emails.
  7. As the content is customized, time centric email messages like offer closing times, limited stock availability, etc. that is based on time sensitive content; can also be provided for a significant impact of revenues.

Dynamic content has immense power to create superior emails, all of which can be easily conveyed through this didactic infographic on “Dynamic Content in Emails”. This infographic would walk you through types of dynamic content, the technical requirements for incorporating dynamic content in emails backed by model dynamic scenarios to help you gain a better understanding!

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