Successful business marketing without excellent customer service is impossible. Customers expect timely customer service that will be able to answer to their queries instantaneously. That is why live customer chat is the future of customer service, and many businesses have included live chat support in their websites. According to Invespcro, 73% of customers find live customer support satisfying while 63% are likely to return to a website that offers live chat support for repeat purchase. This is quite significant; hence, one cannot afford to ignore the important role played by live customer support chat.

Live Chat Customer Support

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According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, 44% of online shoppers want to have their questions answered instantaneously while shopping online. This immediate access to help makes it easy for customers to make informed decisions without having to go through the pain of navigating through a maze of telephone numbers or write emails that take hours to get a response. It is also important to note 38% of customers are likely to make a purchase because of the live chat session.


In terms of reducing employee task time as well as telephone bills, live chat reduces customer interaction costs and time while at the same time improving efficiency. Customer representatives are able to handle multiple chat sessions at a time, thus reducing the need for the company to hire more customer service representatives. Moreover, the cost of installing a live chat system into your website is relatively cheaper compared to employing additional customers representatives.


It helps to have a live person to talk to. As we have already mentioned, websites with live chat support record more sales than those without. This increases confidence on the part of the customer. According to Kissmetrics, LiveChat can result in about 20% increase in conversion rates. Ensure your live chat representative are adequately trained and equipped with excellent communication skills as well as adequate knowledge about your products and services.

Competitive edge

According to a recent study by TELUS International, many retailers aren’t offering live chat; therefore, you can take advantage of this and offer live chat so that you gain competitive advantage. With live chat, you can expect more sales, better customer relationship and reduced costs.

If you are yet to include live chat support in your website, this is the time to do it to avoid missing out the advantages that come with it.