The beginning of 2021 was hopeful for many businesses, especially with the rollout of vaccines and the easing of restrictions. These efforts to safely resume normal operations despite the COVID-19 pandemic are seen as the key toward global economic recovery.

Indeed, the novel coronavirus outbreak brought new challenges for enterprises, forcing them to recalibrate their strategies to adapt quickly to the situation. With the persistent risks of going outside, many people resorted to using digital platforms to search for and acquire products and services. This resulted in the boom of online users and the need for a better customer experience on online platforms.

As of October 2021, there are already 4.88 billion internet users globally This figure comprises about 62% of the world’s population and will continue to grow in the succeeding years.

Many companies took advantage of this changing consumer behavior and boosted their online marketing activities to gain a wider audience reach. However, others cut back on their content marketing efforts or ceased them completely. It may seem like a way to save funds amid the global health crisis, but having no content marketing strategy can spell greater disaster in the future. In a digital world filled with numerous competitors, it might get difficult for companies to reenter the market after letting go of their digital marketing tactics.

If companies want to stay competitive during the pandemic and beyond, they must keep up with emerging content marketing trends and practices. After all, relevant, consistent, and high-quality content can attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

A few notable content marketing trends in 2021 are the dominance of video content, mobile-friendly content, personalized content, optimization for voice search, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content, and many more.

To learn about these content marketing practices that made waves in 2021, see this infographic provided by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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