Colors mean a great deal to the human mind, whether consciously or unconsciously. On an evolutionary level, certain colors give us certain emotions or instincts to act on. For example, it is shown that the color red makes us hungry which is why red is used in many restaurant advertisments.

We always have a reaction when we see a color and a lot of the time that reaction is based on how our culture has socially conditioned us to react. For this reason, many colors mean different things across the globe. Where white is seen as pure and good in one area of the globe, in others it is reserved for death and mourning. Where green is seen as greed and jealousy it may also be seen as a color of fertility and life. Yellow in particular has a wide variety of meanings across the world’s cultures and religions. From corruption to royalty to joy to stability, it all comes down to how we were conditioned and raised in our own culture.

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