The year 2020 was beset with fear, uncertainty, and apprehension as multiple challenges and tragedies occurred worldwide, including the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the uncertainties, the business world continues to grind on and thrive after it adapted to the challenges brought by 2020. Most changes will become trends in 2021 since most of the previous year’s challenges will remain in 2021.

The lockdowns that were meant to keep the number of people infected with COVID-19 low also resulted in the increasing demand and consumption of digital content. Many people started to rely on the internet to get the services and products they need, so marketers had to adjust their budgets and ensure that they’ll be effectively used during the pandemic.

Marketers had to go back to the basics and re-examine their marketing strategies to ensure that they can stand out in the digital sphere. Customer retention also became even more essential as B2B marketers shifted to retention marketing. Among the strategies used to retain customers include welcoming, onboarding, and educating customers, establishing a constant communication channel, providing ongoing and reliable customer care and support channels, and others.

Besides focusing on customer retention, marketers also had to ensure that they could keep their customer interaction memorable. Failing to connect with customers will result in businesses failing and losing clients. Marketers must ensure that their sites have interactive content, virtual events, digital ads using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and nostalgic content.

The year 2021 will likely retain most of the challenges experienced in the previous year, so businesses must continue to adjust and prioritize improving customer experience. It’s high time to adopt new strategies, including simplified and personalized transactions, omnichannel marketing, voice search marketing, chatbots, and native video advertising.

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