The sales landscape is driven by speed. ‘Always be closing’ is still a mantra that is rife within the industry. But with the right approach to data, technology, and strategy, salespeople can break through to their prospects not only quicker, but smarter.

And salespeople will definitely need to consider different approaches – cold calling doesn’t work anymore. Findings from Kevin Scott, Head of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, found that 90% of B2B decision markers never actually respond to any form of cold outreach, while 75% of them use social media within their decision-making process.

The name of the game, as long as the fit is right between the buyer and the product or service, is value. In fact, demonstrating value came in third of factors that get prospects to talk to you, according to research conducted by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, just after the need for the service, and the budget.

Therefore, salespeople need to be creating more value for their prospects during the early stages, and also reaching them where it matters most – whether it’s through social, email, or on the phone. Buyers want to hear from reps in the first stage: when they’re looking for opportunities to improve their business (71%) or trying to solve a problem (62%). Value can come in the form of content created to tackle the buyer’s most pressing pain points, personalised videos, and a genuine appetite to help the buyer with their issues. This not only gives the salesperson an opportunity to show their business’s expertise but also demonstrates first-hand how buyer will benefit from such a transaction.

With these thoughts in mind, we have taken a few stats that highlight current, pressing issues within the sales industry from sources such as Hubspot and Google. Off the back of these findings, we have given some key tips for salespeople to implement to make sure they’re not falling behind. Take a look at these 8 sales industry insights:

8 Sales industry insights that will help you sell smarter

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