In this modern world and age where technological advances in communications are readily available to consumers, many expect to interact with businesses and organizations in different ways that they may find convenient to their specific situations. Using a single channel to reach out to customers is practically an insufficient strategy – it is no longer enough.

Multi-channel digital marketing is the solution many business owners can rely on, utilizing various marketing platforms to get their branding and message across to targeted customers – how, when and where their audiences chose to be. With more than 50 billion devices getting internet-connected by the year 2020, business owners simply could not afford to ignore this marketing strategy – or they’ll risk putting their businesses in peril.

If the prospect of billions of devices threading the interconnected digital path failed to move business owners into action, the trend other marketers are taking for their digital marketing campaigns surely will. According to Experian Marketing Services, more than 80% of marketers are using a multi-channel campaign of three or more digital channels.

This is confirmed in part by a recent report from Digital Doughnut, in partnership with Episerver, highlighting that as much as 95% of marketers admit that running a multi-channel digital marketing campaign is important for their businesses. And yet only 73% of business already have a working strategy in place, with a mere 30% saying they are confident that their strategies will work.

This is an indication that many business owners are still apprehensive of running their own multi-channel strategies for whatever reasons they assumed there must be. To help dispel the doubts and convince business owners to start planning and running their own multi-channel campaigns, CJG Digital Marketing shares the following benefits that will surely move all these laggers into action – now!


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