It can be hard to predict the shape of marketing in any given year. Marketing trends change so quickly and often without warning. New platforms and technologies change the game on a regular basis, and nobody knows what Google is going to do next. Marketing is constantly evolving.

However, there are always some underlying themes and ideas that we know we’re going to see in the coming year.

TikTok took over the last half of 2019, rising from a teen-focused but relatively unknown social sharing network to a giant platform that all of your favorite brands and celebs are jumping on. TikTok is unlikely to die down any time soon, but neither is content. If anything, this proves that visual content and video will continue to dominate the marketing spaces in 2020.

Google also announced a new major algorithm update towards the end of 2019 that signalled the continued shift toward user first marketing. Keyword stuffing and SEO will become less and less valuable without thinking about what value it adds to your audience, first and foremost.

Some other trends may seem more out of the blue: a return to SMS messaging as a major form of marketing might seem strange, but it’s a new way to cut through the noise and overcrowding of social media and email marketing and should not be disregarded. Everybody already understands the value of peer marketing, but what is the next level? How can genuine peer recommendations be implemented on a mass scale?

And in these overcrowded spaces how do we as marketers continue to make unique content that converts? Is video enough anymore? How can we harness data to help give us the edge? We already know so many metrics, but can we be smarter in the way we use them?

All these questions and more are things that the marketing world can’t stop talking about as we head into 2020, and I guess you’ve probably been asking yourself very similar questions too!

Check out the infographic below for a round up of marketing predictions from experts: