If you’re in desperate need of some marketing inspiration, look no further than tech giant Apple Inc.—the ultimate marketing role model.

When it comes to content marketing, no one does it better than Apple. What’s the secret behind Apple’s hugely successful marketing campaigns?

For one, Apple’s marketing strategy relies on the effortless power of minimalism and simplicity. This is why you’ll never find any information on where or how to buy the product in Apple ads. Apple lets their products speak for themselves (and you should too)!

Forget about complex storylines and flashy gimmicks. Focus instead on making your ads aesthetically pleasing in a non-distracting way. This will allow the message behind your ad to more effectively resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impact.

Another lesson to take from Apple’s marketing is that you should never underestimate the importance of customer reviews.

Try offering a free trial or a sample in exchange for a review on social media, but make sure each review has the person’s name and image (or avatar). As for B2B relationships, always include a link back to their website for more credibility!

Check out the full infographic to dig into these lessons and learn how to be as awesome as the world’s first trillion dollar company.

Detailed infographic depicting 10 lessons from apple about marketing. Lesson 1: keep it simple. Lesson 2: use product placement. Lesson 3: leverage reviews. Lesson 4: focus on unique value proposition rather than price. Lesson 5: stand for something. Lesson 6: create experiences, not just products. Lesson 7: speak to audiences using their language. Lesson 8: develop an aura and mystery around what you are doing. Lesson 9: appeal to emotions. Lesson 10: use visuals.

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