Last week I was going through the article of a senior leader of a large regional organization. While reading, I came across a line which he has highlighted. It was something he talked about himself, i.e., What’s on the top list, which keeps him up at night? The reply was,” Building the future HR organization as the most trusted advisor to the business.”

After reading that article, I believe that the digital transformation movement in HR has revealed a new reality. The future-forward HR leaders are finding them immersed in the appalling need for the function to upgrade their game as a strategic player. We have already crossed one decade and entering the new era where the role of HR professionals will change dramatically. This evolution will continue as machines and technology will replace tasks once performed by humans. Such development makes HR teams a critical part of the organization.

So, what will HR look like in 2025?

HR Technology 2025
Technology 2025

This article pinpoints what will change and why? As well as how HR professionals can prepare for this.

Embrace Technology and People Analytics:

Companies with big brand names have already started applying people analytics to predict and assess candidate talent to recruit and retain them. Talent acquisition is an important area that must be intelligently monitored by an organization. Manual screening of resumes is no longer in the picture. There is an “N ” number of recruitment analytics solutions, which is design to speed up the recruitment process. An organization must use AI tools for the extraction of information. A Resume Parser software is the best tool and an excellent method of extracting candidate data from resumes. After extracting data, it saves the information in pre-designed fields. Apart from eliminating manual intervention, it also accelerates the entire recruitment process with a few clicks only. You can hire a perfect fit for the right job with the help of these technology tools.

Adopt Marketing Techniques:

Adopting marketing techniques will enable HR to ensure better talent management. Nowadays, recruiting is going to become more like marketing. HR could learn many lessons from marketers. They need to have a better sense of promoting an image to a community of potential employees as marketers do to attract traffic. Branding is a crucial element to any marketing approach to HR professionals. As a marketer, recruiters should identify the micro-segments of job seekers and use methods to attract them.

Power of Gamification in Recruitment:

Gamification is a way of using the essence of games and applying it in a real-life scenario to improve efficiency. With gamification, recruiters can engage applicants to a great extent. Many big brands have started gamification in their recruitment process. It is a simulation tool that helps you to find the right fit. It also provides a sense of entertainment in the tiresome process of recruitment. This new technique of recruitment is assisting recruiters in engaging the Gen-Z workforce by providing them challenging business games, training, etc. The most important perk of gamification is that it has the power to attract all kinds of learners.

Workforce Planning:

Today, when top talent is harder than ever to find and keep, an organization should know how to plan for future skills. It needs to predict and measure the impact of talent initiatives to have a massive competitive advantage. However, workforce planning for the future requires a proactive approach for HR professionals to examine the entire employee lifecycle and determine how to retain them.

Update New Skill Set:

Learning a new skill is one of the best ways to become more efficient and expert in your career. Learning a new skill will help you to take on the new tasks at work as well as it will increase your ability to create a difference in your workforce. Nowadays, HR functions are getting automated; HR professionals also need to expand their entire knowledge for both traditional tasks and overall business strategies. With the change in technology, working traditions are also changing rapidly. With the new regulation impacting how HR professionals recruit, protect their organization’s privacy, etc. to pursue this, the recruiters must train themselves to walk along with the new challenges.

All signs here indicate that HR will see a new transformation in 2025. I believe that the HR department will grow and develop in such a way that it will probably be one of the most transformed professions.