fitness franchise

Driven by the huge increase in awareness about the many problems associated with obesity and being overweight, the fitness industry seems to have grown significantly in recent years. If you look for gyms, I am sure you will find one on every street corner. More and more people seem to be flocking to them with the hopes of losing weight fast. This scenario makes owning a gym more and more favorable to inspiring business owners. Therefore, each day more and more people are opening up gyms. A number of major gym brands are also offering the opportunity to set up franchises. This can be a great opportunity for people, who are planning to open a fitness business.

There are a number of advantages of opting for a gym franchise of a renowned brand. All you need is a vacant space. You also won’t have to take various steps to create brand awareness. In fact, the brand name is your business capital here. Besides, you will have experienced gym instructors to guide you in every step, and all of this should be arranged by the main company. However, this may not be enough. This is a very competitive age, and there may be a need to market well. Go for some unique ways to make your fitness franchise stand out and increase revenues.

Advertise Locally

Arrange some local advertising. Yes, focus on making it as local as possible. Remember, you are opening a fitness franchise of a big brand, and a similar franchise might even exist in the next town. So, you need to target the people closest to your gym first. Place ads on various local media, such as the local cable channels, as well as any local newspapers or any health and fitness magazines that may be published in your area.

Provide Free Offers

Free offers are something, which attracts almost every person. So, try to offer something free of cost. It can be a free workout session with your head trainer or free fitness accessories or equipment. This is surely going to peak people’s interest and help you attract more potential members to your gym.

Do Wonders with Flyers

If you think that flyers about your gym franchise play no role in marketing, think again. Flyers can do wonders in the process of marketing. Design an attractive flyer. Write it in an alluring way, and the flyer is surely going to help you attract your potential audience to your gym. Moreover, add an incentive with a deadline and mention it in detail in the flyer. This is likely to attract more and more members to your gym with each passing day.

Add Variations to Make People Interested

Offer variety of fitness classes. It can be hard trying to fit everything under one roof. In addition to the general gym equipment, try to arrange different classes, such as aerobics, yoga, kickboxing and others. These are sure to draw the interest of a greater number of people, and many more will join your gym out of the interest for these classes.

Use Modern-age Technology

Make full use of today’s technology. A website for your fitness franchise is a must. Add streaming videos of your fitness center. Visitors of your website will be able to view a sample of what your workouts entail and can decide whether they want to join your fitness center or not. Also, whenever you send an email, be it from your personal or business account, add an advertisement of your business. You can put the ads in the footers of your email. Thus, whoever you are sending an email to will be able to see the ad and know about your fitness franchise. Maintaining a good fitness blog that offers free tips and advice can also help to increase your popularity as a fitness expert.

Hold Fitness Seminars Hosted by Your Trainers

When you are the owner of a fitness franchise, your main business goal is probably to hire expert trainers at your gym. You can leverage their experience and expertise. Many of them are usually great speakers as well. So, you can organize fitness seminars and invite people in the community to attend. You should also get involved with the community more than ever before. This will help you build an identity in the area and spread the word about your gym among local residents.

Referral Reward Programs

Establish a referral network among your gym members. Reward the member who brings a new member to the gym. You can offer a discount for the next season or gift him with some type of health drink, a t shirt or a small kit of fitness accessories. This is sure to encourage others as well to push their friends into joining your gym.

No matter which brand you are opening, you need to perform some sort of marketing process prudently. The performance of your franchise depends on it. Therefore, a perfect marketing policy is one that will help to bring in more and more members to your fitness franchise, which, in turn, will help to increase your revenues.