The current state of the economy has made us all look closely at each dollar we spend, and with rising prices on everything from groceries to gasoline, knowledge of finance, investments and banking is increasingly valuable. Understanding money matters is critical when it comes to making smart investments and planning for the future. Luckily there are many resources available to help navigate this often confusing topic. We’ve compiled these top ten financial experts who offer clear-headed advice on a range of finance and money-related topics, like mortgages, personal finance management, banking, businesses, investments, stocks, and more.

1. @financialpost: The Financial Post is published monthly by The National Post and its readership is mainly English and Canadian business readers. The newspaper, as well as its Twitter page, provides perspective, analysis and understanding of current business and finance trends, updates about companies and business leaders, and the inputs of thought leaders in the business and finance industry.

Tweets: 56,111 | Followers: 6,547 | MMI Rank: 625 | Stars: 5

2. @ijournal: Insurance Journal is a bi-weekly magazine with an online presence that provides regional, national and international news to the insurance industry. The Insurance Journal started off as a regional magazine but is now one of the leading trade publications in the country, bringing readers the most recent updates on the insurance industry, including analyses, directories, classified advertising, audio and video interviews with industry leaders, and more.

Tweets: 21,201 | Followers: 9,506 | MMI Rank: 1,452 | Stars: 5

3. @DailyMarkets: Founded by Grace Cheng in 2008, is a New York-based blog that focuses on personal finance and investment news, and also brings industry opinion and analysis of stocks, ETFs, commodities and options by the best market bloggers, traders, investors and economists. According to CrunchBase, DailyMarkets mission is to democratize market information, which is why the blog contains free discussion and opinion-sharing on new perspectives and trends. DailyMarkets also features a regular foreign exchange market roundup and weekly market videos.

Tweets: 47,118 | Followers: 1,797 | MMI Rank: 1,705| Stars: 5

4. @edwardnh: This is the Twitter page of Edward Harrison, a banking and finance specialist and founder of Credit Writedowns. Harrison speaks English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and French, and tweets in these languages too. His Twitter page includes his analysis of the business market and investments of various companies. He also brings updates from the business and finance industry.

Tweets: 20,485| Followers: 6,467 | MMI Rank: 2,465 | Stars: 5

5. @laurenlacapra: Lauren Tara LaCapra is currently a journalist at Reuters but has previously worked for, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, and other influenctial publications. Her Twitter feed talks about personal finance, investment banking, regulatory issues, politics, capital raising, property and casualty insurance, and related topics.

Tweets: 18,723| Followers: 3,362 | MMI Rank: 2,785| Stars: 5

6. @fortunemagazine: Fortune Magazine is a global business magazine most known for its prestigious Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 lists. Seen as one of the most reliable and influential sources of news and updates on business, investment, market, and finance, Fortune magazine has national coverage and a circulation of 830,000.

Tweets: 9,430| Followers: 419,846 | MMI Rank: 3,674| Stars: 5

7. @mattgunn: A communications professional and writer, Matthew Gunn has experience in journalism, social media and working with national non-profit organizations. Gunn is presently reporting for FundFire, an online news service that focuses on investment trends, brokerages, SMA platforms and high-net-worth investors, hedge funds, regulatory changes, high profile legal cases, fund company operations, and more. He also has his own website,, and he shares insights into all the topics that interest him on his blog.

Tweets: 15,468| Followers: 1,473 | MMI Rank: 4,222| Stars: 5

8. @pdacosta: Pedro da Costa is a journalist at Reuters who has been covering economics and financial markets for the news agency since 2001. He also writes about macroeconomic policy and Federal Reserve policy.

Tweets: 10,009| Followers: 10,482 | MMI Rank: 4,233| Stars: 5

9. @smartmoney: This is the Twitter page of, a business magazine published by The Wall Street Journal. It focuses primarily on personal business. Originally launched in 1992, its readership is mainly business professionals and managers looking for personal finance information. Some of the topics it covers are saving, investing, and spending, as well as lifestyle and technology.

Tweets: 8,961| Followers: 17,329 | MMI Rank: 4,544| Stars: 5

10. @HousingWire: HousingWire is one of the most popular and influential online publications focusing on business and finance. It features commentary, news and analysis on mortgage banking, insurance, lending and borrowing, real estate, and financial markets, especially in the US.

Tweets: 11,555| Followers: 10,018 | MMI Rank: 4,760| Stars: 5

* All number of tweets and followers are based on facts collected while the article was written.

By Jane Hamilton and Rachel Sherman, MyMediaInfo