Marketing is a function of generating medium to long term pools of target market assets. With massive internet access and usage, audiences convert into potential customers. Usage of Facebook to reach the audience is increasing in leaps and bounds. Not surprisingly, brands and businesses mark huge funds for digital media marketing tools.

Facebook Ads is one of the tools mostly recommended by digital marketing experts. Here are some less-known facts about Facebook Ads targeting.

Creative Copies Can Make or Break The Game

Melina Moreno, a Facebook Ads Strategist reports on how important the role of right communication is. While businesses might use as many tools at hands for marketing, the right audience needs to read a right copy at the right time. Brands must have some interesting story to tell to connect with the audience.

Product positioning has a lot to do with being alive in your customers’ minds even while your office is shut in the non-working hours. Facebook Ads could be one of the tools. But it is the content in the Ads which actually does the real talking with your customer.

Moreno clearly advises “Make sure that you know the psychographic characteristics of the audience that you’re targeting using your advertisement”.

Customer characteristics is the starting point for any business to learn about the market it wants to deliver. From interview to personal visits to questionnaire to free samples, all these help in learning who they are.

Once that is known, a right kind of voice and talk is needed by using creative and technical copies which encourage them to buy. When customers start personally relating with the product or service, sales become a lot easier.

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Your Existing Marketing Assets Matter

The campaign tests might not convert the audience at the very first go, but the data collected is very precious. Businesses need to learn to generate ROI from the marketing investments already done. Retargeting an audience which is already tried and tested makes a lot more sense than to immediately go on shopping for the new, unknown customers.

Digital Marketing expert Yael Bendahan stresses on making the most from your already built potential customers’ bank. After all, this is all trial and error game. After running the Facebook Ads campaign for the first few times, you are ready with a raw marketing asset. A lookalike of the customer data bank is a lot easier and cheaper exercise, once the characteristics of your customers are learned.

Bendahan shares “Rather than going completely with cold audiences, really consider retargeting warm audience or lookalike audience”. The warm audience relates with your product much more than a cold counterpart. Traditionally, businesses used to give free samples of the products with the same intent.

It’s an intelligent, Know-it-All tool

Advertising agencies are at the forefront in explaining the innate abilities of Facebook itself to shore up your business with Ads. Facebook helps to target smaller markets with lesser population in general, say for example a state or city specific focus.

The Campaign Budget Optimization campaigns must run with broader interest as target. The smart platform gives inputs to the users as to which audience the campaign should target in the immediate future. It learns the consumer behaviour as an after-review of the campaign over a few campaign ventures.

Bryan Ang Zhi-Wei, the Co-Founder of Hyper Fame, says that the platform is getting better and more advanced day by day and this hyper targeting method is becoming less effective comparatively. The cost per thousand impressions becomes more predictable by using the latest features provided by the platform.

When you have an intelligent platform that marks you the exact audience you need to target next time, then you must go for that instead of DIY experiments. In the words of Zhi-Wei, why hyper target when the platform is getting smarter every single day, and rolling out new features?

**Bryan Ang Zhi-Wei, Yael Bendahan and Melina Moreno also contributed to the post.