Should you be using captions for your Facebook Video Ads? The short answer is yes, you should be using them.

According to Facebook, 85% of their videos are viewed with the audio off and 76% of their video ads require audio to be understood. With these figures, my recommendation is you should be using captions on your Facebook videos especially on Facebook video ads.

Let me show you three different ways to add captions to your video ads and I will tell you what we exactly do.

Watch this video or continue reading below.

Once you are in your Ad manager and you get to the level where you will be adding your video, you’ll see these three options:

facebook video ads how to add captions

1. Generate Automatically

Create captions automatically and review them. If you click that, Facebook will quickly go through your video and generate the subtitles. Once generated, you will have the opportunity to go through and edit them.

generate captions facebook video ads you review

The problem with this is accuracy and you will need to take some time reviewing and editing the auto-generated captions. Most of the time, it never has the punctuations or capitalizations correct which you will have to revise manually.

2. Let Facebook Review

Generate captions automatically and Facebook will review for accuracy. If your video is short enough, Facebook will generate the captions and actually do a manual review of the captions for you.

generate captions facebook video ads facebook reviews

3. Upload Your Own

Upload SRT (SubRip Subtitle) files in multiple languages. Lately, I have been uploading my own SRT files created by a third-party transcription service. For a dollar a minute, they will create the SRT file that you can upload straight into Facebook and they are highly accurate. I never had to actually go in and edit these files. You can find more details about this service here:

upload your own facebook video ads caption file

That’s all I have for today. I hope this gives you an idea on how important subtitles are for Facebook Video Ads.

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