3 Things to Consider Before You Hit the Resend Button

When it comes to email marketing, many in the business are resending campaigns to subscribers that did not open the first email. The question is, though, does it make sense to send this to your entire list?

The quick answer is that you should never send this to subscribers that “converted” in the first place.

However, I write converted in quotation marks, because what a conversion means to you might be different to the next person – or you may even have different definitions at various times depending on what that call to action is. And the way you will know what is right for you is by determining the goal of the email.

Let’s start by exploring the various goals you can have and then decide on when would be the best time to send a follow-up campaign – or something I like to refer to as the “sweep campaign,” because you’re sweeping up people that missed it the first time.

3 Things to Consider Before You Hit the Resend Button
mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

1. Opens is the name of the game!

In an email where you are looking for brand awareness, or to stay relevant (remember customers won’t remember you if you “disappear” for a while), an open can certainly be the goal of an email. Emails such as newsletters fall into this category, and when that is the case, you have to exclude everyone who opened the email. Plain and simple because you do not want to bother them or, even worse, come off as a spammer.

2. Driving traffic to a website

The next goal for an email is to drive traffic to a website. I have one client that has a lot of web traffic, so much, they are making revenue from Google Ads and other display network ads. For them, the name of the game is getting people to the site. That said, you should tweak the email marketing campaign ever so slightly to generate a “second” email. By doing so, you will get your content extra mileage by being able to send out the resend campaign to people that opened but did not click. Of course, get some creative tips on how to write the best subject lines.

3. Show me the money

Many companies, especially e-commerce sites, are generating revenue from their email marketing campaigns. Think about your favorite online clothing store. If you are sending out campaigns where the goal is to make a sale, then try resending the campaign to all subscribers – including the ones that clicked – minus the ones that made a purchase.

Using a countdown timer in the email can create a sense of urgency.

Now there is one caveat: if the initial email you send out has low conversion rates – be it opens, clicks, or purchases depending on your situation – then it’s probably a good idea to go back to the drawing board and try a different approach to make your email marketing campaigns more engaging.