90% of marketing experts say email engagement is their primary method in measuring content performance. Almost the same, 87% of marketing experts say email is one of their top channels for organic distribution. On top of that, email marketing is free. With that comes many options. 59% of marketing professionals say email is their biggest source of ROI – return on investment. Many say email is dead, but data says otherwise. By 2024, more than 361 billion emails will be sent daily.

The best way to achieve marketing success is by knowing how to boost email open rates, increase click rates, and avoid spam complaints. Only 21.33% of marketing emails are opened by recipients, and just 13.5% are marked as spam. However, only 2.62% of marketing email recipients click for more.

To improve your retention, ask customers to opt-in to receiving emails, and explain the benefits of doing so. Benefits could include personalized coupons or other exclusive products. However, no matter how crafty you get in your retention efforts, remember to keep all emails and campaigns professional. As a rule of thumb, never purchase email addresses, never hide unsubscribe links, and be sure to set internal email frequency expectations – and stick to them.

Another authentic way to get more clicks is to create descriptive and concise link text, as well as to embed multiple links to the same content. Remember, only 2.62% of marketing email recipients click for more, so avoid using “click here,” in your emails as it comes off spammy. Instead, change your link text to something more realistic.=

Today, there are several marketing services that can help you achieve successful marketing goals. However, only a few provide the best features. So, what should you look for in an email marketing platform? Take a look at the infographic below to find out.

Infographic Source: WPBeginner.com