Why You Should Use Email Templates | Emailcenter

A well designed email template can build structure into your emails, create familiarity with your brand and most of all, increase subscriber engagement. The modern age comes to expect beautifully designed emails rather then just reams of text. In fact, around 80% of readers will delete the email immediately if it doesn’t look good on their mobile (Source: Smart Insights).

There’s lots you can do in email marketing and it’s easy to get lost in how to design a well-branded email. So where is best to start? This is where email templates come in.

Email Templates Save You Time

An email template gives you more time to create great content without worrying how your email will look. Let’s use Emailcenter as an example. If you’re subscribed to our email updates you’ll have noticed that we normally send our blog of the week. Rather than building this weekly email from scratch, we take an existing email template that was previously designed using the email builder and drag-&-drop content into it to create the email.

Drag and Drop Email Builder | Emailcenter

You can easily create a branded email template and just populate the content with Lorem Ipsum, which is text commonly used as a generic placeholder alongside images. Then all you need to do is take your email template and create your content!

Email Templates Create Brand Consistency

Nothing annoys a reader more then inconsistent messages and constant changes to your emails, it alienates your brand. One week the background of your email’s blue, the next week it’s green – the message gets lost and leaves the reader confused.

Consistency in your brand creates a better experience for your readers, and this needs to be reflected in your email templates. It creates trust and confidence, and will encourage your subscribers to engage. When building your email template, it’s important to keep to your brand guidelines as the logo, colours and general aesthetics of your email are what will build familiarity with your readers.

If you have more than one person involved in your email marketing, then it’s a good idea to have controlled email templates. In Maxemail it’s easy to create branded email templates using the drag-&-drop email builder, which can then be locked and used by multiple users.

Email Templates Give Your Content Structure

Using an email template will make your life so much easier. It serves as a reminder that you haven’t forgotten to pull in important company information that should feature in the header and footer of your emails.

Your email template provides structure and the content will be much easier to drag and drop if you know exactly what you need to do to complete your email design. Plus, it gives the reader an idea of what to expect from future emails and give a more fluid user journey.

An example of your email template structure could be:

  1. Header (company logo)
  2. Title (what your email will be about)
  3. Intro content (main product push)
  4. Sub content (other areas to mention)
  5. Social newsfeed (latest posts)
  6. Footer (company information, social buttons and unsubscribe)

Using an Email Template for Multiple Campaigns

Email templates can be used for a variety of emails. As we’ve mentioned, they created consistency with your brand and can be used as a baseline for lots of different email campaigns.

An email template is highly recommended if you’re creating a series of emails, which may include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Regular promotional emails
  • Ad hoc email updates
  • Order status emails

The possibilities are endless, so set up your email template today and save time on your email marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that enables you to create email templates and campaigns with ease, then sign up for a demonstration of Maxemail with one of our experts!