Make the Most out of Your Email Marketing Efforts

Generate More Leads, Without Even Trying

Email marketing is a mainstay in your lead-generation arsenal, and for good reason. It’s a simple way to connect with users, create calls to action, and foster prospects down the funnel. Combining your email marketing campaign with marketing automation tools can help your business achieve more in less time. Here’s what you need to know about email marketing and how automation can help you achieve your business goals with a better return on investment.

What is Marketing Automation?

Stated plainly, marketing automation is the process of using technology to automate some processes within your lead generation and marketing campaign. This gives your business the capability to produce better lead generation while saving time.

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Automation technology has been around for a few years, but it’s now beginning to get some well-deserved traction. About half of companies use some form of marketing automation, according to a survey by EmailMonday.

The most common form of marketing automation involves email marketing. By using the right software, you can automate your entire email marketing channel, from the first opt-in to emails tailored to a prospect’s particular behavioral profile. This means from the moment someone opts in to receive your emails, you can automatically send them a sequence of emails that are designed to pique their interest in your product or service, then adjust them based on how they react.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

It’s important to note that each campaign you run is subject to an automatic workflow. This is a series of rules you implement that controls what a given recipient receives and how they receive it.

Say, for example, that a prospect makes a purchase and becomes a customer. Your automation software can add them to your customer list and will automatically send any other applicable correspondence – for example, a terms of service agreement or promotional material to elicit another larger purchase.

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Similarly, if a prospect visits a certain page on your site, your automation platform can add them to the right list and send content design based on their site behavior.

In other words, email marketing automation allows you to respond to a customer’s actions much like a real person, but without the manpower. Email marketing automation is still relevant to every prospect your business encounters – but it eliminates much of the repetition and effort. The end result is a campaign that produces leads naturally, which allows your workers to focus on the larger tasks associated with growing your business.

Spend Time Where You Need It

One of the most effective ways to take advantage of marketing automation is to focus your attention on your highly motivated prospects. Marketing automation software will allow you to segment your opt-in subscribers based on their level of interest and dose the warm leads with engaging, useful, and tailored content.

Email marketing can help you foster your prospects through the funnel and turn them into loyal customers. By automating much of the process, you can create robust email marketing campaigns that deliver a strong return on investment.