Learn from Coca-Cola

Most marketing professionals can see the value of email personalization, but they don’t put it into practice. Some will say there aren’t enough hours in the day, whilst others confess that lack of knowledge and customer data holds them back from developing their email marketing strategy.

Imagine what could happen if you set some time aside to brainstorm new ideas for your business. From this, you could promote something that your customers are genuinely interested in and start to use data to engage more through your email marketing campaigns.

Personalisation makes for a better customer experience and shows that you’ve put some thought into the message delivered. As consumers ourselves, we know that a personalised product or message makes us feel valued. It also increases the chance of us engaging with that brand time and time again.

Take Coca-Cola for example, when they launched their Share a Coke campaign during the Summer of 2013 and 2014 consumers went crazy. It was all we could talk about, we had to have our own personalised bottle and, as a result, sales rocketed for the brand. They launched the campaign at the perfect time too. It was hot, we wanted something to quench our thirst and above all, we could enjoy one of our favourite drinks with our name on it.

I remember searching for my name when I went into the supermarket or convenient store. Not only did I buy one for myself but I bought one as a gift for my friends and family too. Coca-Cola also enabled consumers to personalise glass bottles themselves via the e-commerce store, pushing personalisation of the product to the next level.

Coca-Cola was overwhelmed by the number of people involved in making the campaign a success, with millions of stories and photos shared via social media. Personalised glass bottles were used to celebrate special moments, including a marriage proposal that took the internet by storm.

So, what can we learn from Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign? It’s evident that personalization was the key to its success. Consumers thrive on products and messages tailored to them and are more likely to respond to an offer or promotion if it’s personalized and relevant to their interests.

Consumers now connect with businesses via multiple channels, which means you will need to work harder on your email marketing to grab their attention over your competitors. Connect with your audience on a personal level, build trusted relationships, ask them what they’re interested in and implement an email marketing strategy that drives loyalty, sales and return on investment.

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