Permission-based email marketing gets tagged with some bad press, but in reality it’s still the best approach for most brands. Let’s remember the true definition of permission – providing authorisation for someone to do something. In this case, the consumer is allowing you to freely contact them via email with marketing messages relating to your company.

So, what are the benefits of permission-based email marketing?

Promotes a Good Company Image

Using third party data or pulling email addresses from various sources can damage your reputation. Permission-based email marketing is an ethical approach whereby you’re upfront and ask your customers if they’d like to your receive emails. Asking for permission promotes honesty and will prevent you from being marked as spam.

Comply with Anti-Spam Law

Consumers that give consent are unlikely to mark your emails as spam, unless done badly. Spam is a term for unsolicited emails and is seen as an unlawful practice. Companies could be fined £5,000 if they are found to be spamming consumers with unsolicited messages. Permission-based email marketing ensures you comply with this law and will prevent your emails from being marked as spam, which affects your reputation and email deliverability.

Preferred by Your Customers

It has been reported that 70% of consumers prefer to be contacted by email than any other channel (Source: Experian). Emails can irritate consumers when the content is irrelevant, but contact by phone and SMS seems to be unwelcome by customers surveyed in this research. Email allows your subscribers to read, digest and reply to the message in their own time.

Opportunity to Get Personal

Email marketing doesn’t have to involve big graphics and impersonal messaging – an email coming from someone in your business, perhaps even in plain text, can be very effective in comparison to a generic mail. The cliché saying of ‘people buy from people’ is never more true and who the email is from will be the first thing a recipient looks at.

If a customer has opted in to receive emails then they’re interested in your company. This is a great place to be in if you want them to willingly provide additional information so you can start to tailor your messages.

Contact the Right People Quickly

Email enables you to reach your customers in minutes – even if you have short notice on an announcement. There’s no printing, media buying or complex creative needed to get your message out there. With permission-based email marketing, you’ll have more up-to-date information available to reach your customers.

Maximise the Value of Email

We were reluctant to include the cost of email as a benefit, namely as it’s one of the main reasons it still attracts unethical marketers who can extract a return on investment (ROI) from their black hat tactics. However, there’s no hiding that email has the best ROI of all online channels.

Better Engagement Results

By opting in, your recipients have expressed interest in your company. This means they are more likely to engage with the emails sent, especially if they are personalised. Wanted emails will receive better quality open rates, click through rates and repeat business.