What are the benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is the poorer cousin of all marketing channels. It’s inexpensive, not considered particularly sexy and been around for a long time.

However, there are several reasons why it’s one of the best channels to implement and should continue to be part of your wider marketing plan and strategy.

Low Cost and High ROI

Intelligent email marketing platforms, like Maxemail, have eliminated the need for advanced design and other technical resources, meaning the channel becomes low cost to manage. Email marketing has lots of capabilities and provides a higher return on investment than other online marketing channels. If used effectively, you can quickly retarget customers based on their behaviour to drive engagement and revenue.

Simple and Easy Process

By investing in Maxemail you can create and send engaging email campaigns quickly using the email builder without the need for HTML and design knowledge. Segmenting data and personalising your emails is also easy, allowing you to target and engage with specific customers.

Highly-Targeted Communications

Want to offer a 25% discount on pizza orders to 18-35 year old males in the Northamptonshire area? You can do that with email marketing, providing you have the data available to segment your customers.

If you then wanted to target those subscribers who didn’t open your email with another offer within 48 hours, then you can do that too. Many retailers retarget customers after they’ve abandoned their shopping baskets to encourage them to make a sale, which is easy to do when you know how!

Send Personalised Messages

Email marketing is fantastic for delivering that personal touch and making customers feel valued, even if in reality your entire email list receives the same message. Using your name or a colleagues name alongside the ‘from’ email address makes it more personal and engaging.

Maxemail, enable you to customise your email campaigns in various different ways. This comes with no additional cost and you can use personalisation tools if targeting specific customers to include their name, location, order history and much more within your email.

Fast Deliverability Speeds

If you wanted to reach your customers in the next five minutes with a message intended only for them then email marketing allows you to do that. You can also deliver a message quickly via social media, but you have less control over how many people will see it and responses will need to be closely monitored. App push notifications and SMS are also quick ways to deliver messages, but it can become very expensive.

Quick Response Rates

On the flip side of this, email allows your customers to get in touch with you just as quickly. Many businesses send their email marketing campaigns from a ‘no reply’ address, but allowing customers to respond will help you to collect feedback especially if there’s an error in your email sent. Email allows businesses and customers to communicate quickly and efficiently.

Easily Trackable and Measurable

Offline marketing is extremely hard to measure as you rely on the customer to tell you where and when they saw your company advertised. With email marketing and other online marketing channels, tracking pixels can be applied so you can easily monitor areas of engagement and monitor return on investment.

By measuring the performance of your email marketing campaigns, you can see if your emails are being delivered, how many people opened the email, where they clicked, the level of revenue generated and much more. You can even delve into more specific reporting data within Maxemail, such as the email clients used and demographics of your engaged customers. These measurable statistics allows you to assess, test and optimise your email marketing campaigns to drive engagement, revenue and return on investment.