Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is all set to bask in the holiday mood. The vibes of merriment have covered the entire internet and marketers are all set to promote their festive offers with coupons, discounts, free gifts and many other exciting giveaways.

Competition is really very intense and your email marketing needs to be striking enough for your subscribers. You need to think out of the box to prepare an extraordinary email campaign. Monks can help you with some divine custom email templates this Christmas.

Here 8 Popular brands give you a few reasons to get inspired with your Christmas email template:

1. Crazy Sales

Crazy Sales has designed a long, yet interesting email to highlight the Christmas offers. The tagline “Are you ready for Christmas” following it up with “Create a cozy home” clearly sets the subscriber’s expectations. Not only can this be effective in getting the subscriber’s attention, the products are tactfully placed with a prominent CTA – making it highly engaging and conversion-friendly. All in all, the email is a beautifully convincing play of green and red colors.

Christmas Email Template_Crazy Sales

2. West Elm

West Elm has called special attention of subscribers to “Last Day” sale with the words “More” and “Save”. It is followed by an entire list of their products that helps in easy navigation. The subscriber can “Find a Store” and have more details about their offers. They have concluded the email with the special benefits that customers can avail by shopping in store, with prominent social media buttons.

Christmas Email Template_West Elm

3. M&S

The opening image of gifts brings out the true essence of Christmas. Various items like toys, books, Christmas food are featured in the email with prominent CTAs that intend to grab the attention of buyers. Besides, attractive discounts greet subscribers with enticing section like “Beauty Offer of The Week”. The email ends on a high note with the reasons why the buyers should choose them, followed by social sharing buttons and a link to find the nearest store. Overall, it is a simple yet powerful email template for Christmas.

Christmas Email Template_M&S

4. Ikea

Visually rich email of Ikea with their value proposition and prominent CTA “View the collection” compels the subscribers to check their wide range of products. The email also speaks about their offerings in packaging that let the subscribers have the perfect gift presentation.

Christmas Email Template_Ikea

5. Terrain

This email designed by Terrain is really an eye candy for the subscribers. Supported by copy that is music to the ears and images that is visually enticing; the email enthralls. The closing part including the list of the products, social sharing buttons and other important links that subscribers would like to have for keeps.

Christmas Email Template_Terrain
6. Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason have given a profound touch to their Christmas email by emphasizing on celebrating the festival together with workshops and competitions. The subtle promotional content with CTAs in the right place and captivating images and engaging text in the right ratio, they have hit the nail on the head.

Christmas Email Template_Fortnum & Mason

7. The Holiday Shoe Edit

Creativity oozes from the email designed by The Holiday Shoe Edit. A perfect example of illustrations in email, it is inviting for subscribers to get into the festive mood. The CTAs are aesthetically designed, while being placed strategically. The emails also subtly introduces the subscribers to the blog indicating a long-term relationship.

Christmas Email Template_The Holiday Shoe

8. Boden

Boden tries to catch attention by emphasizing on their new arrivals during the holidays. The design is simple yet attractive. The navigation bar at the top makes it easy for subscribers to jump to their desired page. The columns at the end of the template are prominent, highlighting some important elements.

Christmas Email Template_Boden

Wrapping Up

Christmas Holiday Sale emails should usually be a visual treat for the subscribers because that’s what creates a party mood for the subscriber. Put your thinking caps on and come up with a creative and colorful email that perfectly suits the Christmas theme. For more Christmas email inspirations, do not forget to check out our latest email inspirations.

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