Good news, eCommerce superstars, Google 3D Search View for eCommerce products is live! AR (Augmented Reality) is already popular on various social platforms and apps, and Google has been hinting at this big change for some time.

Google Search’s new ‘View in 3D’ feature means that users with smartphones that support ARCore can get a full 360° view of your products. Why do we care? A better view and feel of your product will go a long way to boosting your sales and building product and brand trust.

How Does Google 3D Search View Work

Google 3D Search View puts the product in front of shoppers using AR. In other words, by using the users’ smartphone camera lens, the product appears in front of them. Here’s a screenshot of what this feature looks like on mobile SERPs:

Google 3D Search View example online store

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After clicking the ‘View in 3D’ button, users are then able to see the object in 3D with the ability to rotate the product and see it from multiple angles. Here’s how the product looks on Barry Schwartz’s (from Search Engine Land) desk!


How to Get 3D Images onto Google

Before you can improve your chances, you will, of course, need to create good-quality 3D images first. If you are doing DIY product photos, you will need to add a 360º Turntable to your product photography studio. Or, you can use expert services such as Shopify’s 3D models for products

DIY Photography Tip: Want to take a crack at 3D images yourself? Start with this Beginner’s Guide to 360º Product Photography.

Once you have good-quality 3D images and have integrated them onto your store, you can add a 3D markup to your images to increase the potential of your 3D images showing in Mobile Search. Search Engine Land suggests the following:

How to Get 3D Images onto Google

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The Bottom Line

Google’s 3D Search View for eCommerce sites is going to have a significant impact on how you engage with potential shoppers on Google in the coming years. The additional view to products doesn’t just have the potential to increase views, but turning those views into sales. Therefore, by getting ahead of your biggest competitors with this feature could have a huge impact on your sales!