With more than one million small businesses currently using Shopify (the third-largest online retailer in the U.S. after Amazon and eBay) there’s another growth happening right now. We’ve already seen a massive increase in the number of brick and mortar stores who have had to move their business online and for many it’s a foreign world requiring a new skill set.

To assist with so many new businesses or those who have had to put additional emphasis into their e-commerce efforts, companies are stepping up to the plate to assist.

For Shopify merchants, in particular, there’s an entire Shopify App Store that allows them to customize the experience for their customers, optimize their stores and a massive amount of tools and resources they can use to promote and share stores. It’s easy to get lost when everything is so new and you are unclear of direction.

To start, it’s essential to build out your store according to Shopify best practices and then share it with the world. Customers can’t visit what they don’t know exists.

Sharing is where it’s at and you have a combination of options for both earned and organic and paid. But the most compelling type of share? Hands down, it’s video.

Promo.com recently launched a new video marketing tool with Shopify that is free for all Shopify merchants. The Promo.com Video Maker app is now the top pick recommended on the Shopify App Store. The new app allows Shopify merchants to quickly and easily turn product images into engaging marketing videos used to target customers and grow sales.

“We’re committed to giving our brands everything they need to maintain and grow their business, especially during such a worldwide crisis that has an unprecedented impact on all businesses.” Said Brian Peters, Strategic Partnerships Lead, Shopify. “In this video-first era of online and social marketing, adding a creative partner like Promo.com to our App Store will definitely help our merchants keep their business present, stand out, compete with the big brands and grow their business.”

The new app is easy to use and only requires that you have a Shopify store.


  • Select video type within Shopify
  • Video Maker app pulls existing footage and images
  • Delivers an optimized video based on ad goals
  • Merchant publishes on Shopify product pages, websites, or Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts. (See how it works here)

Furthermore, integrating video marketing efforts with Shopify leads to an increase in sales, as shown in a recent test run by Promo.com and RetargetApp, a web app that automatically optimizes effective ads for Shopify shops. In a Facebook test, Shopify store YesCustom, saw a 50% decrease in their cost-per-purchase and seven times higher return on ad spend (ROAS) when using Promo.com videos.

This is good news for SMBs as they continue to function in a socially-distanced world and reach their customers who aren’t gone, just online.

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