8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

When it comes to selling your products on social media or your eCommerce store, the way your products look matters far more than you think. We live in a world where people do judge a book by its cover or product reviews. Forbes found that 88% of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important to their purchasing decisions.

Your product photos can help to increase your sales, or it can stop them from happening. Here are some statistics you should consider before you publish your next photo photography:

  • Invespcro found that 22% of returns occur because the product looks different in person
  • Buffer found that good visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on your social accounts
  • 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase.

Not to mention your customers are used to being bombarded with high-quality content on such a regular basis that they now expect all brands to do the same, and to fall short would only give the impression that your product lacks quality.

Instead of taking the chance to have your content overlooked, let’s make your content irresistible with these 8 product photography ideas.

1. Product Photography Idea: Use a White or Black Background

This is a classic product photography tip that most eCommerce stores based on their product images. Using a simple white or black background to give your customers a proper view of your product helps to eliminate any misconceptions.

A product photo’s quality reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression, so it should easily highlight your product’s best features. Based on the product’s color, you can decide whether you should use a white or black background, but it should be complimenting.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Pro Tip: Test and experiment with the right lighting regardless of whatever color your background might be. When you’re taking product images with solid backgrounds, be sure to check your lighting, too light, and the image might be blurry and too dark, and customers might not see essential details.

Try to stay away from background colors that look unappealing or too distracting. Remember, at the end of the day, the product is the focus.

2. Product Photography Idea: Take a Product Detail or Texture Shot

During early 2019 a common trend started to appear with skincare and food brands, close-up product shots showing off the textures, colors, and touch of the product. Brands do this because it works. It gives a truthful yet fun look at what customers can expect in your packaging before purchasing.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Around 23% of product returns are because of inaccurate depictions of the product.

Yes, high-resolution photos allow customers to zoom in and examine the product with a fine-tooth comb. But they don’t show customers what type of texture, how it might feel or what they should actually expect it to look like in person.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Pro Tip: When doing texture or detailed product shots, you want your images to be as realistic but eye-catching; it’s not just about showing what’s in the jar or features of the product but displaying them as pleasing as possible.

3. Product Photography Idea: Take a Flatlay Shoot

Flatlays have entirely taken over every visual social media app. And rightfully so, people love a good flat lay. As staged as they are, people love them because it gives them an idea of what the product would look like laying in their own home, closet, or table. It’s relatable and natural.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Most flay lays shot from an above angle shot to help show off all the props and products.

When you’re creating a flat lay, you should have a set background, location, or props.

Try not to add too many products to your flat lay; instead, leave a little space between them. Create balance in your photo by mixing smaller objects with larger objects and placing objects of similar colors on both sides of the image.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind the dimensions of the picture when you’re taking your image. You don’t want to cut off too much of your flat lay. Whatever you’re going for, keep your theme in mind while selecting your props with a cohesive look.

4. Product Photography Idea: Create a Lifestyle Shot

EMarketer found that 83% of online buyers consider images the most influential factor in their purchase decision.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

When you take lifestyle shots, you allow customers to see your products in action. Instead of wondering what it would be like to own it, you share the experience right there and then.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Pro Tip: When you’re doing lifestyle shots, you can either surround your product with commonly used items or have a model pose with your product in action. Try to use places that your customers are most likely to use your products and capitalize on them.

5. Product Photography Idea: Use Props

Adding props to your product photography can help to add some creativity to your final look. These props could be flowers, everyday objects, or fabric. These props should help to enhance the visual experience and ensure that your work stands out no matter where it’s placed.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

When you’ve found the perfect prop(s) you should play around with unique placement to help pull the whole photo together. There’s no hard and fast rule for using props. Just don’t put your prop where it logically makes sense for it to go.

Pro Tip: Sometimes less is more, it can be tempting to buy and use a lot of props, but this can make your product photo look crowded and distract viewers from what they should really be focused on, your product.

6. Product Photography Idea: Take Shots from Interesting Angles

You don’t always have to take your product photography straight on or above. You take product images from an angle. Different angles allow you to show off various dimensions your product may have. It can show just how tall, short, thin, or large your product is once the consumer has it in their home.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

7. Product Photography Idea: Take Shots of Your Product in Use

Another fantastic product photography idea you can try is to take shots of your products in use. This could be content created by an influencer or with the help of models.

This type of product photography is especially great for fitness or products that your customers need to use actively.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

When you’re taking active product photography, you should ensure that your photo’s timeliness is important as well.

Timeliness is when you retain the meaning and relevance of a photo that it has today many, many years into the future.

8. Product Photography Idea: Use Creative Photoshop Techniques

Remember, you don’t have to use a plain white background forever product image. For social media and branding on your website, you can get a little more creative by photoshopping your product photo’s background.

This would mean that you’d either need to hire a professional graphic designer or learn some photoshop tricks on your own. I suggest hiring a professional.

8 Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More Online

Product Photography Tips

Whether you’re doing these product photos yourself or hiring a professional, you’ll still need to have a few things on hand to ensure that you’re always prepared to take the perfect photo for your brand.

Here is a list of product photography tips and tools you should know:

  • Get a Tripod: A tripod should always be on hand. This can be used for a camera or phone so that you can get that steady shot. It also helps to get precise angles and take photos while working on a one-person team.
  • Invest in Proper Lighting: Lightening is so essential to your product photos. It’s always better to have a ring light or softbox on hand so you can control the lighting of your photos rather than being at the mercy of your room’s lightbulb or the sun.
  • Invest in Backdrops and Props: Go on sites like Amazon or even your local craft store to gather a collection of props and backgrounds. You might not need to use them right away, but it’s better to have options when you want rather than have none when you need them.
  • Use Editing Apps or Software: Invest in editing apps that can help to make your photos look more professional or edited. This could be simply adding a filter, or it could mean resizing, sharpening, and enlarging your product photo.
  • Create an Inspo Folder: Create a folder and save all your favorite product photography that can help to inspire your next shoot. You can use this to guide you when you’re doing it on your own or as Inspo for your photographer so they know what kind of photos you’d like to have at the end of the shoot.

Product Photography Recap

It may seem a bit overwhelming, but product photography is a skill like anything in business. Once you start practicing it.

Invest in the proper equipment, whether it means a better phone or DSLR camera it’s an investment that’s sure to pay off. Here’s a quick recap of the eight best product photography idea:

  1. Use a White or Black Background
  2. Take a Product Detail or Texture Shot
  3. Take a Flatlay Shoot
  4. Use Props
  5. Create a Lifestyle Shot
  6. Take Shots from Interesting Angles
  7. Take Shots of Your Product in Use
  8. Use Creative Photoshop Techniques

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