Want to create eCommerce Facebook video ads that boost sales like no one’s business? You’ve come to the right place!

In this quick, no-nonsense guide, our Head of Media and PPC guru gives you six super easy tips to get your Facebook ads converting.

These foolproof, must-do expert tips will help you create winning Facebook ads to get you the ROAS you need to maintain a successful online store. Plus, we have also included examples of brands killing it with their Facebook video marketing, to help get your marketing creative juices flowing.

Ready to up your eCommerce Facebook video marketing game to pro level?

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1. Put Vibe Before Specs

The first must-do Facebook video hack is to make video sound your most important spec and format to consider. Yes, other specs such as 1:1 ratio and length (which should be somewhere between 15″ to 45″) are essential, but they are not as important as the “vibe” of your video or the feel of the platform you’re publishing your video ads on.

An excellent example of this is Lemonade. Lemonade is a B2C and B2B business that has a very unsexy product: insurance. However, despite the boring nature of being a SaaS company, their whole marketing strategy is simple and genus – which includes their Facebook video ads.

Lemonade facebook video ad example

In this video, they tap into the vibe of Facebook perfectly. They also make use of all the winning Facebook video ad tips in this post, including the next hack, by having a clever no-sound approach, but also including creative sound to drive that potential engagement home. They have even created an animated hand clicking the button to make their message clearer and are a great brand to follow for marketing inspiration.

Another brand winning with Facebook video vibe is our awesome merchant, Cannonball Coffee Company. Here’s a link to some of the video ads they great Facebook video ads they are currently running.

2. Always Follow the Two-Second Rule

This Facebook video hack may be simple, but it can make or break your Facebook video engagement. Make the first two seconds of your video count. When it comes to Facebook video ads, if the first two seconds aren’t eye-catching, your potential shopper will move on. We highly recommend using USP (unique selling point/proposition) here.

Newbie Tip: If you’re not familiar with USP, this is a marketing strategy whereby you give customers unique propositions to convince them to switch brands. It is important to note here that USPs are not your promotions – like discounts, sales, and free shipping – but instead, about how your products are positioned. You can read this beginner’s guide from Shopify here.

Highlighting your eCommerce brand or product strengths, USP shows potential shoppers why your product is unique – AKA better than the competition. Defining your competitive edge can be very effective if used in the first two seconds of your video ads.

square space facebook video example

A brand that understands the two-second rule and uses it to its full potential is Squarespace. Not only do they use the two-second rule to perfection, but they also make creative use of subtitles and take testimonials to a whole other level. You can see their ad here.

Another good eCommerce example of a very short eCommerce Facebook video ad that uses the two-second rule effectively to showcase multiple promotions and products in a matter of seconds is Sephora.

eCommerce facebook video ad sephora

3. Target the No-Sound Audience

With Facebook video ad creation, you want to target those no-sound viewers, keep your pace fast, and make sure your message is front and center. No sound doesn’t mean your video won’t be heard. The use of subtitles for the no-sound viewers and including sound for the highly-engaging ones ensures you can attract everyone quickly.

Figma facebook video ad example

A good example of a brand winning at the no-sound approach is Figma. Not only is their USP on point, but it is short, simple, and mobile-oriented. You can view this and other ads from Figma here.

Pro Tip: Test video content before investing in fancy video production. Start with a simple storyboard, with slides of the different products and selling points. Once you find a storyboard that works well for you, develop it to a better quality video.

4. Keep Your Message Crystal Clear

Even if you are able to grab potential shoppers’ attention with your video, without a super-clear message through eCommerce videos, you will lose them. Instead, get straight to the point and keep that point (message) consistent throughout your video. This is where USP and your CTAs come in very handy.

Shopify facebook video ad example

A brand to watch in terms of marketing messaging is Shopify. Their awesome Facebook videos not only stand out in the first two seconds but use all the expert strategies we have outlined in this post, such as clear messaging, mobile optimization, and creative out-of-the-box thinking. You can follow their active ads here.

5. Go Back to Basics With Tried-and-Tested Engagement Hacks

There are certain things that may seem tired or gimmicky. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t still work. Good looking people, rockets, graphs, retro items, a face screaming in fear and star emojis, and pets – especially cats – may be the oldest tricks in the books, but they work!

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s a Facebook video example from Mailchimp that takes the tried-and-tested cute pets and animals hacks to create a super clear message with a short mobile ad.

mailchimp facebook video ad example

You can see this and other top-performing Facebook ads by Mailchimp here.

6. Think Mobile

Last but not least, always – and we mean always – think mobile. This may seem like a given, but when it comes to elements within videos – such as text overlays, emojis, logos, etc. – it is so often overlooked. You want to make sure that these elements aren’t too small for mobile devices. Otherwise, your message, CTAs, and the overall USP will be missed.

As you can see from all the examples shown above, it’s something that brands winning at Facebook video ads continuously consider. Another good example comes from eCommerce superstars, Toms, who puts mobile first in all their Facebook marketing.

facebook ad example toms

There you have it, six quick and easy expert tips for creating eCommerce Facebook video ads that convert.

Still have questions? Post them in the comments section below – our media and Facebook PPC experts are standing by!

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