We’re living in an unprecedented, unsettling time. And one of the things we’re all thinking may be, “Business needs to move forward, but how will that look?”

If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your business right now and struggling to find those offline leads that used to drive 90% of your business’s revenue, you’re not alone. We can all agree that things are crazy right now. And one thing we’ve all learned is that the market will never be the same.

But neither will our businesses. More than ever, if you don’t have a strong digital strategy, a strong inbound strategy, you could get left behind.


We’ve been walking the digital walk for more than a decade with our clients—and for ourselves. Plus, as a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we’ve been drinking the inbound-orange Kool-Aid for years. 🧡

We’ve built a team of amazing inbound-focused digital marketing experts to serve companies just like yours, creating kickass digital marketing strategies that increase traffic, drive leads, increase revenue and scale growth for success.

We want to help you see how a strong digital marketing strategy can help. Are you ready to find out how to move quickly into a digital marketing strategy and set yourself up for inbound success?

Digital Marketing Strategy: Offer Value

Are you concerned with how people will find you online? There’s a ton of information on search engine optimization (SEO), but getting found takes more than technical SEO knowledge.

In fact, it really boils down to bringing value to your audience, your potential customers. The first place that comes into play is a blog. Does your website include a blog where you can publish helpful, relevant content?

Let’s start with a definition. A blog is a collection of valuable articles that people can find in search, or that your sales team can use to save time while emailing potential leads (a great “hack” for your sales team!).

At its core, your blog is a simple way to create content your ideal customer needs – you know, the human being you want to talk to. 😁 It also keeps your website fresh and growing with new pages every time you publish.

Blog posts need to speak to your customers’ pain points in your brand voice. They have to help, educate, inform or entertain. Or all four! Make sure you’re writing valuable information addressing the problems faced by the humans you want to reach.

You can also add value through social media conversations. From posts you publish to conversations you take part in to communities you establish, social media helps you get found by the right people at the right time.

But it goes back to adding value. Are you adding to the conversation or only broadcasting? Are you spamming posts with “Follow me” or are you answering questions in a helpful, human way?

Finally, consider using video to add value and help your business get found online. Video marketing works in a few ways.

  • YouTube is a search engine. Publishing videos with solid video SEO helps you get found.
  • YouTube is social. By using comments to engage and add value, you build an engaged community.
  • You can link to your website on video platforms. YouTube, Wistia and other video publishing platforms include areas for descriptions. Add links here to help viewers engage more deeply with your content.
  • We love video. At least 85% of all internet users in the U.S. watch video content each month. Producing video means you’re reaching people with the media they want.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Start Conversations

Do you know how to start conversations and convert viewers into engaged leads?


Your content could reach 500,000 people, but if none of them start a conversation with you or become a lead – or better yet a customer – then it’s all for nothing.

One quick way to ensure you’re preparing for conversions is to make sure your blog articles have a call to action to take the reader to the next step. Add conversion opportunities like in-line links, sidebar CTAs and even pop-up forms to help your audience connect deeper with you.


You’ll want to make sure you’re putting forms to work. They’re the digital way to start a conversation, so ask the right questions, use context in where they are in their need of your product or services and don’t ask too many questions.

We also suggest using sales and marketing chatbots. Sometimes a chatbot asking to help will set a website viewer at ease.

Want to be a conversational marketing ninja? Ask the right questions for who the user is and where in their buyer’s journey, not simply “Hey can I help?”

Understanding context is vital. High intent pages mean viewers want to engage deeper with you. Service pages, product pages, “about us” pages all signal high intent. Add bots or live chat here to encourage “buy now” or “set a meeting” type actions.

Crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy isn’t Rocket Science

Literal rocket science, surgery/healthcare, flying planes, corporate business law… There are a lot of complicated jobs out there. Marketing can be difficult, but we’re here to assure you that if you’re new to thinking about online marketing, it’s going to be okay.

By putting some of these tips to work, you’re on your way. If you want to dive deeper, we’ve put together a digital marketing assessment checklist. Or you can speak with a growth strategist and ask all the questions.

We’re here to help in this ever-shifting world of digital marketing and sales, and remote work.